Auckland and New Zealand Championship Winners

2023 L Dowdell, R Reeve, H Dawson
2022 S McCabe, H Dawson, L Mirabelli Campi Cup
2022 G Dowdell, R Sadgrove L Fenton, L Mirabelli ABCA Cup
2022 D Weir, G Thomson, B Fenton, R Sadgrove, G Dowdell, M Andrews Years 1-5 Interclub
2022 M Dickie, B Fenton, G Dowdell, D Weir Years 1-5 Fours
2021 L Brown Champion of Champions Singles
2021 N Fisher, B Chapman, G Cotton Champion of Champions Triples
2021 E Jones, G Thomson, B Fenton Years 1-5 Triples
2021 D Weir, B Fenton, E Jones, R Sadgrove, G Dowdell, L Fenton Years 1-5 Interclub Northern Region Years 1-5 Interclub
2020 D Weir, J Burton, G Dowdell Yrs  1-5 Triples
2018 D Belsham, R Lee, B Fenton, L Calder Yrs 1-5 Fours
2016 T Mitchinson, D Belsham, W Mearns, G Holt Yrs 1-5 Fours
2014 N Fisher Singles
2014 S Mouton, P  Hickey, R Ludbrook, W Alexander Champions of Champions Fours
2013 J Young Yrs 1-5 Singles
2013 S Mouton, L Ralph Mixed Pairs
2011 N Fisher Open Men’s Singles
2010 E Hickey, S Bevan, G Davey, J Baughan, Champions of Champions Fours
2009 M Griffiths Yrs 1-5 Singles
2008 E Hickey Champions of Champions Singles
2007 V Marlin, B Savage, C Ralph- Smith Yrs 1-5 Triples
2006 R Pemberton, P Hickey Pairs
2005 M Griffiths, L Brown, P Hickey Champions of Champions Triples
2004 M Griffiths First Year Singles
2003 W Brown Years 1-5 Singles
2003 B Rush, C Gibson, J Baughan Bell Tree Triples
2002 W Brown Years 1-5 First Year Singles
2002 E Hickey, N Priestley, S Carey, G Davey Champions of Champions Fours
1998 J Hill, F Caldwell, J Baughan Simpson Cup
1997 J Cooper, A Pretorius, P Yuill, L Ralph, C Gibson National Interclub
1995 P Farrands Junior National Intercentre
1993 P Farrands Champions of Champions Junior Singles
1993 P Yuill Junior Singles
1992 I Bowick Champions of Champions First Year Singles
1991 P Farrands Champions of Champions First Year Singles
1990 P Johnston, J Legg, P Dalton, P Yuill Champions of Champions Fours
1984 A J Nixon Junior Singles
1980 M M Hickey Champions of Champions First Year Singles
1982 J Robertson, I Cassey, M Patterson, E Lord Simpson Cup
1974 J Robertson Champions of Champions First Year Singles
1974 D G Ferguson, E Melrose, C V Marshall, G A Smith Champions of Champions Fours
1969 D M Gibbs, E H Petrie, T B McAulay, A T Hart Intermediate Fours