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Upcoming Club Tournaments 

(details will be posted on the Tournaments page as they become available)


Sunday Junior Pairs Tournaments

Over winter Junior Pairs Tournaments will be held on the last Sunday of each month. These Tournaments are open to players from any Club. Play will begin at 9.30 am each day and bowlers should wear casual attire. The entry fee is $10 per team. Cash prizes to be won – the value of which will be dependent on the number of entries on the day.

Entries to Tony Mitchinson ( Ph 09 278 5167) or by emailing (Subject line Winter Junior Bowls) including the name of both team members. Cancellation, if necessary, will be posted on the Club’s Info line (Ph 534 5335).

Upcoming Centre and National Events

(Please enter Auckland Centre events online on their website. You will also need to pay the entry fee directly to Auckland Centre)
Information will be published as it becomes available.

Tournament Entries

As from the week beginning 18 February entries for the Wednesday Triples and Friday 2-4-2 tournaments are able to be made online, as well as by the sign-up sheet in the Clubhouse. To enter using the online facility click on Members on the menu, and then select Tournaments.

Entries for Thursday Twilight will continue to be by either email or by signing the sheet in the Clubhouse.

The deadlines for entries are as follows:
Wednesday Triples:  entries close at Noon on Mondays
Thursday Twilight: entries close at Noon on Wednesdays
Friday 2-4-2: entries close at Noon on Thursdays

Entries for all tournaments may be made for the next pending tournament (i.e. one week at a time)

If entering Thursday Twilight via email you should include “Thursday Twilight” and the date for which the entry is being made in the subject line. Please also include a contact name and a contact Phone Number in the email. Send the email to

Regular Tournaments

TUESDAYS: Single entry Triples 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Two games of 8 ends played on grass in summer and all-weather greens in winter. Enter on sheet at clubhouse or to Glennis Davey by end of Monday. Entry fee $5.00 per player. Prizes usually chocolate and/or New World Howick vouchers.

WEDNESDAYS: Open entry any combination Triples 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Four games, generally 9 ends, played on grass in the summer and three games, generally 10 ends, all-weather greens in winter. Morning tea provided after the first game.  Bring your own lunch for the lunch break. Entry fee $30.00 per team. Prizes New World Howick vouchers. Click on the “More Information” button below for further information. Deadlines are noon on Monday for online entries (click on Entry button below) and noon Tuesday for the Clubhouse entry sheet.



FRIDAYS: Open any combination Hong Kong Pairs (2-4-2) 1.00 pm to 4.30 pm.

Two games, of normally 10 ends, played on grass in summer and normally 9 ends on the all-weather greens in winter. Entry fee $10.00 per team. Prizes New World Howick vouchers. If you haven’t a partner put in a single entry and we will do our best to find one for you. Click on the “More Information” button for more information. Deadline is noon Thursday. Enter on sheet in the Clubhouse or use the Entry button below to enter online.





Roll-ups are on Saturdays, 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm. These are organised events playing 16 ends with a break after 10. Just turn up and put your disc on the office counter by 12.45 pm. On the first Saturday in each month we run a ‘friendly’ tournament. On these days is an entry fee of $2 to cover modest prizes and there are two games of 8 ends, in the second game the first-round winners play winners and losers play losers.
Dress is mufti for all roll-ups though approved bowls shoes must be worn.

Club Championship Tournaments

Open, Veterans, Octagenarians, Junior and First-year are held during the summer season each year. Except for Octagenarians, men and women have their own competitions. According to event these include singles, pairs, triples and fours. Refer to Calendar for dates (note some may be played over two or more days).

Results 2018-19

Men’s Handicap Singles – Winner: L Calder, Runner-Up: W Mearns

Men’s Graded Pairs – Winners: T Mitchinson & R Green, Runners-Up: L Calder & G Baker

Men’s Veteran Singles – Winner: L Calder, Runner-Up: J Hector-Taylor

Men’s Veteran Pairs – Winners: B Chapman, R Ludbrook, Runner-Up: W Alexander, J Formston

Men’s Championship Singles – Winner:: B Hickman, Runner-Up: L Brown

Men’s Championship Pairs – Winners: P and H Vermeulen, Runners-Up: B Chapman & G Cotton

Men’s Championship Triples – Winners: B Chapman, G Cotton, R Meyrick, Runners-Up: R Ludbrook, J Formston, J Taylor

Men’s Championship Fours – Winners: N Fisher, B Chapman, I Fisher, G Cotton, Runners-Up: W Alexander, P Hickey, J Formston, R Ludbrook

Men’s Junior Singles – Winner: B Louden, Runner-Up: P Roylance

Men’s Championship First Year Singles – Winner: M Dickie, Runner-Up: G Thomson

Men’s Junior Pairs – Winners: D Belsham and L Calder Runners-Up: R Green and B Fenton

Men’s Junior Triples – Winners: P Roylance, A Parker, T Williams, Runners-Up: L Calder, R Green, B Fenton

Men’s Junior Fours – Winners: L Calder, B Fenton, M Graham, T Williams, Runners-Up: D Belsham, A Parker, P Roylance, R Cherry

Women’s Championship Singles – Winner: S Peters, Runner-Up: G Davey

Women’s Championship Pairs – Winners: P Murdoch, P Yuill, Runners-Up: G Davey, P Johnson

Women’s Championship Triples – Winners: P Murdoch, P Yuill, I Turley, Runners-Up: G Davey, P Johnson, A Marks

Women’s Championship Fours – Winners: G Davey, P Johnson, S Young, S Peters, Runners-Up: P Yuill, I Turley, S Hammerton, G Nelson(H Ongley)

Women’s Veteran Pairs – Winners: B Rush, J Baughan, Runner-Up: P Yuill, J Joe

Women’s Junior Championship Singles – Winner: L Fenton, Runner-Up: S McCabe

Women’s Championship First Year Singles – Winner: L Sharpe, Runner-Up: S McCabe

Women’s Junior Pairs– Winners: L Fenton, L McKay, Runners-Up: L Sharpe, S McCabe

Women’s Junior Triples– Winners: C Waiariki, L Sharpe, A Hsu, Runners-Up: S Young, C Steel, L Macfarlane

Centre Results

Auckland Championship of Championships Men’s Pairs– Runners-Up: L Brown, M Savage

Auckland Years 1-5 Men’s Fours– Winners: D Belsham, L Calder, R Lee, B Fenton


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