Wow Bowls 3/5  A wonderful achievement from our 1 to 5 year bowlers
Allan Danbrook, Eric Thomson and Sue Carroll – 1st Place I have still to come down from the ceiling.
New Members this month welcome Graham Lewis and Janet Jones

A big thankyou to more amazing volunteers Doug, Greg and Harry and all the others that helped with the erection of the new shelters, they look amazing. 

We have a new member on the Match Advisory  Committee  – welcome Linda Fenton.
We are introducing a Club Night commencing on 8thDecember 4-7

Upcoming events to put in your calendar: 13 December Ham Tournament, 20 December Single entry Members Ham Tournament.  22 December Christmas Function after play on Friday.
The Executive have approved the new Club Shirt which is available from the shop, if required.
The Club owns 2 bowling arms and a Bowlers Mate that any Member is free to trial for a month free of charge.

Interclub As at the date of this newsletter our teams are tracking along nicely  The ladies are 4th overall after 1 round out of 10 teams, Yahoo,  and the Men’s Premiers are 1st and the other teams are having fun.  All results are on the Bowls Auckland Website.


September 2023 Newsletter

This will be held on 30 September, commencing at 11.00 am
Club uniform to be worn.
Please bring a plate of food for lunch to share.
There will be a walk down the path accompanied by Lex and his bagpipes.
The Jack and bowl will be rolled on the grass green by a special club member chosen by our President.
Enter your name on the sheet to play two games of bowls after lunch.
There will be several raffles and a corner-to-corner. 
We will, also, celebrate the completion of the new artificial surface.
After the games are completed, we will be providing one free drink and a sausage sizzle for everyone who stays.
Funding has been confirmed by the Auckland City Council for the completion of our new covered green & work has begun on obtaining a firm price for this venture.  We will, then, have the appointed Contractor apply for a building consent and then work will begin.
This tournament will return to having morning tea after the first game, due to the warmer weather.   Long may it continue!
This competition took place over the weekend.   Everyone played really well and our coaches were very proud of all the players who took part.   We entered five teams and one of the teams made it through to post section play.  Well done, everyone!
Our Club Manager, John Almond, will start working on 1 October.   Some of you will know him from his year of working on the greens with Paul Hickey.   Please make him welcome and we are all looking forward to the exciting times ahead.
UPCOMING EVENTS to put into your calendar
13 December – Ham Tournament
20 December – Single Entry members Ham Tournament
22 December – Christmas Function, after play on Friday.
The club owns 2 Bowling Arms and 1 bowler’s Mate that any member is welcome to trial for a month – free of charge.
There are still a few of you who have not paid your membership fee for this year.   If you think this is you, please do so, before you get a tap on the shoulder!
Sheets are up on the noticeboard for Men’s, Women’s and Half Day Sixes.   If this is for you, please put your name on the appropriate list.


August 2023 Newsletter

Thank you to the club members who have paid their subscriptions. A reminder to those members who haven’t.
Membership categories
Full membership – Gives you full playing & voting rights and use of the club-room facilities
1st Year players – Gives you the same rights as a full membership
Restricted members – Can only play at roll-ups, twilight and practice, and you are not eligible to compete in weekly or other club tournaments, Centre events or have voting rights.
Associate members – Must hold a Full or Life Membership of another bowling club. You have playing rights, but you are not eligible to play in Club Championships & may not represent the
Club in Interclub competitions, or have voting rights.
Social members – Have no playing rights, but have the use of the club-room facilities.

Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday – Playing road to road
Practice, coaching and Roll-ups – Clubhouse to beach

There will be paid bar work available throughout the year for corporate events held in the upstairs lounge.
If interested and you would like to be put on a roster, please see Rod Sadgrove.

Good luck to all 1 – 5 year players who will be playing in these events.

We still need a couple more for Friday and Wednesday. If you are interested, please see Rod Sadgrove.

Kevin Dumper is compiling a list of emergency contact details for the members. If you wish to have an emergency contact recorded beside your name, please let Kevin know.

This was completed last weekend and well done to our teams who made it to the Post Section playoffs. And a special Thank You to Kevin Hurren for selecting the teams.

Howick Bowling Club is looking for a Club Manager
This is a newly-created, exciting role aimed at assisting the Club to achieve its vision of being the ‘heart of the community’.
It’s a full-time role with flexible hours, which will include a level of weekend commitment, due to the nature of bowling club activities.
If your skills include …………..
– a real passion for getting people active and knowledge of the benefits of sport
– previous experience in a community sporting or small business setting
– outstanding organizational and time-management skills & ability to relate well to people at all levels
…… this may be the role for you.

Preservation of Greens Policy – Elimination of Dropping and Dumping Bowls
Our greens are valuable Club assets and need to be protected from short and long term damage.
The major risk comes from bowls that are dropped from the bank or are dumped during delivery from
heights that result in dents in the green surface.
This policy is an attempt to minimize green damage, not penalize players.
Definition of a Dumped or Dropped Bowl :-
1. Bowls that are repeatedly dumped or dropped from a height of 30 cm (1 foot) or more.
2. Bowls that are released before the delivery hand reaches its lowest point i.e. bowls that are
driven into the surface.
Identification and Support for Howick Bowlers who are having difficulty complying with this
definition :-
1. Individual bowlers who are having difficulty complying with the above are urged to seek
assistance from one of the Club coaches.
2. The Executive will appoint a panel from Club Umpires, Coaches and the Bowls
Committee to identify members who have difficulty complying with the above
3. These members will be approached and requested to seek coaching assistance to
correct their delivery.
4. The following methods may be tried :-
a) Videoing the delivery to identify the nature of the problem.
b) Changing the stance at the point of delivery so that the bowl is released low enough.
c) Using an approved supporting stick with a 75mm dia base to assist with balance.
d) Using an approved bowling arm.
5. A member refusing help may be denied use of our greens.
Managing Policy Compliance
All Club members, visiting bowlers and social players using our greens are subject to this policy.
Those managing the policy are asked to adopt an empathetic common sense approach when
called on to adjudicate.
Seeking a solution to the issue is of most importance.
Our intention is to strive to keep all members on the green.