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Subscriptions Now Due:

Subscriptions for the 2019-2020 season are now due and must be paid by 31st July.  Please pay by:

  • Internet banking to: Howick Bowling Club A/C No: 12-3040-0809641-00, ensuring that you enter your first and family names, and the word “subscription”.
  • Cheque: please send to the The Treasurer, Howick Bowling Club Inc, PO Box 38103, Howick 2145.

Please address any queries to Ken McIntyre or 027-535 7121

Auckland Centre Awards:

Congratulations to Lyn McKay who was awarded Administrator of the Year and Joy Baughan who was a awarded Official of the Year by Auckland Bowls.

Bill Day Passed Away

We are sorry to report the death of Bill Day, well known club member and Centre umpire.

Junior Women’s Triples

As four teams were entered, this tournament was able to go ahead – the first time for quite a few years.  A big thank you to all the competitors. The skips were all first timers in this role and did a great job with their teams.

Conditions of play stated that the games were to be 12 ends or 2 hours length, whichever came first. It quickly became obvious that timed Triples games were a new concept, as all games in the 3 rounds were stopped after 2 hours play.  No team finished their 12 ends. Time was wasted swapping ends, when the seconds had played their final shots, and the skips were yet to have their turn. More time was lost with the amount of measuring being done at the end of each end. I worked out that these two things lost all the teams 10 minutes in each game, half an hour of play over the three games which meant that more points could have been won but weren’t. This is an area that more play and experience will improve.

Conditions weather wise were perfect with sun and no wind. However the green did change during the day, with it running quickly with the morning dew but slowing up as it warmed up, then speeding up again when the late afternoon shadow covered parts of it.

Round 1 saw Helen’s and Shona’s teams with wins. Shona’s team stayed on 7 points for three ends, with Charlotte’s team equaling this score, but managed to win the last end, whereas Helen’s 

team had a clear win.  Round 2 had 2 clear winners – Shona’s and Charlotte’s teams.  Round 3 also had 2 clear winners, but this time it was Charlotte’s team and Linda’s team, so we ended up with 2 teams with 2 wins each so the winning team was decided on the points scored.

Congratulations to Charlotte Waiariki, Linda Sharpe and Annie Hsu, the winners of the Junior Triples tournament.

Liz Macfarlane, Junior Women’s Convenor

Canoe and Campi Cups

The Canoe Cup (men’s fours) and Campi Cup (women’s triples) tournaments are set down for Sat/Sun the 17th & 18th of August 2019. The ABCA mixed Fours tournament a week later on the 24th August.

Coaching for our South East Zone will commence on Saturday 29th June at the Howick Bowling Club at 8.45am. If you would like to participate please put your name up on the sheet in the clubhouse

The coaches will be Richard Ludbrook, Jill Fraser, Diane Harris, Harry Williams, Gary Finnemore and hopefully Alan Pearson.  There will be a greater emphasis this year on picking teams and playing games under the same conditions that will apply at the tournaments,and working on the tactical and mental approach for winning fours and triples.  Newer less experienced bowlers will have seperate skills coaching.

Any queries give a call or email, Richard Ludbrook (Ph 534-5098 or Mob 0274-979-641) or Email

Men’s Junior Championship Fours

To the team of Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton, Mark Graham, and Tony Williams congratulations on winning the Junior Fours by defeating all before you in what turned out to be a perfect day to play bowls, sun shining and that rarest of days with no wind blowing across the greens. We must give a huge thank you to the new players who, after only a few weeks playing, jumped into the deep end and produced some of the best junior bowling to be seen at Howick Bowls for a long time.  Thank you to Mark Graham (cover for Richard Green injured), Graeme Thomson, Tony Cooke, John Irwin, Mike Dickie and Andrew Guptill – all of these players contributed to a great day of bowls.  Danny Belsham’s team of Allan Parker, Peter Roylance and Ron Cherry played well to come second with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. The team of Eddie Jones surprised with holding the experience of Danny’s team to a well deserved draw. So with 1 win, 1 draw and a loss, Eddie, Mike Dickie, Ian Chan and Andrew Guptill came third on differential. To the team lead by Graham Baker a big thank you to your contribution, Graeme Thomson, Tony Cooke and John Irwin. Gentlemen, all of you who played in this competition are going to be players to be feared in future not only at Howick but at the clubs around Auckland. We as a club are proud and pleased that you chose to play and hope you enjoy playing at Howick.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

Tony Mitchinson, Junior Convenor

Auckland Champions – our Years 1-5 Men’s Fours team

With two wins from two matches on Day 1 of the Auckland Junior Fours Championships, the team of Danny Belsham, Roli Lee, Lex Calder and Bruce Fenton returned to the Balmoral Bowling Club on Day 2 to compete in Semi-finals and Finals day. Down 13-3 with 5 ends to go in their semi-final, they were faced with a uphill fight to qualify for the final. But success was to come as they fought back scoring 3 shots on the last end to win the match 15-13. The final was an equally nerve wracking and close match, with the Howick team winning 14-12.

Congratulations to Danny Belsham, Roli Lee, Lex Calder and Bruce Fenton!!!!

Men’s Championship First Year Singles

The Men’s First Year Singles attracted a good field of entries, with 8 players keen to contest this event. After the qualifying play, after keen competition and some very close scores, the four semifialists were found.  In the first semifinal, Graeme Thomson just edged out Andrew Guptill 17-16, to set up a final against Mike Dickie.  Mike had played Russell Barrett to gain his place in the final.

Congratulations to Mike Dickie, the First Year Men’s Champion for 2019, and also to the Runner-Up , Graeme Thomson.

Women’s Championship First Year Singles

The conditions on the B Green were perfect for a good day of bowling.  The First Year Men’s Singles Tournament was also being held on the same green, and these had been set up for us, thanks to all concerned.

We originally had four members entered, but a last minute withdrawal meant that we started with the first couple and had a bye for the third competitor.  The first game between Linda Sharpe and Jen Cooke began with Linda confidently taking the first 4 ends, before Jen began to fight back. Although Linda had a comfortable win, I made more chalk marks on Jen’s bowls because her bowls were often hitting/touching the jack!  The game finished after 15 ends so we were able to have a quiet morning tea before the club rooms were invaded by other interclub bowlers playing at Howick.  

As Jen withdrew from the competition,  it was decided to make the second match between Linda Sharpe and Shelley McCabe the final.  These two players had played together in the Junior Women’s Pairs Tournament and were the runners up.  This was a very close and exciting match to watch.  Shelley began by winning the first 2 ends before Linda won the next eight points, a score she stayed on for 10 ends.  Shelley’s score rose to 13 before Linda made a come back on the 13th end and took her score to 19 after the 21st end. Shelley had a score of 15 at this stage. Then some ‘nail biting’ bowls was played, with Shelley equalling the score by the 25th end! The last end was played and was won by Linda, who had sat on 19 points for the previous five ends.

Well done to these two players who both have a good future ahead of them in bowls and congratulations to Linda Sharpe, the First Year Women’s Singles Champion for 2019.

Liz Macfarlane, Junior Women’s Convenor

Women’s Championship Pairs Final

The final of the Women’s Championship Pairs was held on a drizzly/rainy morning on a Thursday 11 April, with Phyllis Yuill and Paulene Murdoch matched against Glennis Davey and Pauline Johnson. After 5 ends Phyllis and Paulene had edged out to 7-3 lead. However at the half way point, the end of the ninth end, Glennis and Pauline had levelled the score at 8-8. Phyllis and Paulene regained the lead in the 10th end, extended this in the 11th end, and then eased out to win 18-12.

Congratulations to Phyllis Yuill and Paulene Murdoch, the 2019 Women’s Pairs Championship.

Men’s and Women’s Veterans Pairs Championships Finals

The Finals were held on Thursday 4th April, a beautiful, still, early autumn day on a superb A Green.  Because of losing Day 1 to the Nationals, the qualifying was reduced to 3 games of 12 ends on the first day, and 12 ends was retained on the Finals day to everyone’s agreement.

In the Men’s semifinal 1, Warwick Alexander & John Formston beat Wally Mearns & Paul Blitvic 13-7, helped by a 5 on the second end.  In semifinal 2, Bryan Chapman & Richard Ludbrook beat Paul Tindill & Rick Meyrick 15-4 helped by winning 7 of the first 8 ends. The Final was very close with the score tied at 2-2 after 3 ends, 8-8 after 9 ends, and 12-12 after 12 ends. The extra end  resulted in a 13-12 win to Bryan & Richard.

In the Women’s semifinals, Betty Rush & Joy Baughan beat Heather Murdoch-Hall & Joyce Drew in semifinal 1.  Semifinal 2 was closely contested between Kay Griffiths & Olwyn Munro versus Phyllis Yuill & Joyce Joe.  Ties at 3-3 after 5 ends, 4-4 after 7 ends, and 7-7 after 12 ends, the extra end resulted in an 8-7 win to Phyllis and Joyce.  The final was a game of two halves. After 9 ends, Phyllis & Joyce led 8-3 winning 6 ends.  Interestingly, the second end (with both skips and 2 spectators measuring consecutively) was declared end played but no score!  Betty’s team won the last 3 ends with 7 shots, and went from7-8 after end no 11 to 10-8 on the 12th and final end, in an exciting final.

Congratulations to Bryan Chapman & Richard Ludbrook, winners of the Mens Pairs, also Betty Rush & Joy Baughan, winners of the Womens Pairs.

Men’s Junior Championship Pairs

The Men’s Junior pairs were held on the 30th & 31st March.  Twelve players: Danny Belsham, Lex Calder, James Drummond, Roly Lee, Bruce Fenton, Richard Green, Allan Parker, Bob Louden, Peter Roylance, Tony Williams, Eddie Jones and Mike Dickie made up the six teams in the competition.  Some wonderful bowls were played over the two days, with the pairings of Danny Belsham and Lex Calder, James Drummond and Roly Lee, Eddie Jones and Mike Dickie, and Bruce Fenton and Richard Green progressing to the semifinal round. In this round Danny and Lex prevailed over Eddie Jones and Mike Jones, with Bruce Fenton and Richard Green gaining the other space in the final. Congratulations to the winners of the Men’s Junior Pairs Championship: Danny Belsham and Lex Calder, and also to the Runners-Up, Bruce Fenton and Richard Green.

A special thanks to Tony Mitchinson and Wally Mearns for their work he did organising the event.

 Veterans’ Pairs Championships

Both Championships were held concurrently last Thursday, 28 March. As the first Thursday was postponed because of a Nationals event on our 3 greens, the format was changed from 2 rounds of 18 ends on each of 2 days, to 1 day of qualifying with 3 rounds of 12 ends. With steady rain on Wednesday night, Paul and his team did a great job preparing C green for us for the whole day, starting at 9.30.

The Men’s and Women’s Championships had 9 teams and  6 teams respectively, so each round occupied 7 of the 8 rinks.

The 4 Men’s Qualifiers for the Finals Day were:  Warwick Alexander & John Formston [3 wins], Brian Chapman & Richard Ludbrook [2.5 wins, +19 diff.], Paul Tindill & Rick Meyrick [2.5 wins, +3 diff.] and Wally Mearns & Paul Blitvic [ 2 wins]. There were no other 2 winners.

The 4 Women’s Qualifiers for the Finals Day were: Betty Rush & Joy Baughan [3 wins], Kay Griffiths & Olwyn Munro [2 wins, + 28 diff.], Phyllis Yuill & Joyce Joe [2 wins, +1 diff.]. There were no other 2 winners. So the 4th qualifier with 1 win was Heather Murdoch-Hall & Joyce Drew [1 win, -16 diff.].

The final day with both Semifinals and Finals will be Thursday April 04, 9.30 start, weather permitting.

Women’s Championship Fours

Six teams began the competition on the first day.  However the threatening rain won and after 10 or 11 ends of the first round the rain came down in earnest and play was abandoned.  Fortunately the weather was far more co-operative on the following weekend.  After many very competitive matches the final three teams were found.  With Glennis Davey’s team having the bye, Phyllis Yuill’s team were drawn against Kay Griffiths’ team, skipped by Cecilie McIntyre.  The outcome of this match was decided in the last end. Kay’s team won 2 shots on the last end, however they needed 4 shots to force the extra end.  

The final, contested between Glennis’ team and Phyllis’ team, was very even. After 10 ends the score was locked at 9-9. Winning three of the remaining ends, Glennis Davey’s  team of Sue Peters, Shona Young, Pauline Johnson and herself prevailed 13-11 to become the 2019 Women’s Fours Championship.  Well done to the runners- up: Phyllis Yuill, Irene Turley, Sophia Hammerton and Gail Nelson/Helen Ongley.

Junior Men’s Championship Singles

Trial ends on Saturday 16 March before 9am and the final began about 5pm and finished at 6.30pm. It was a very long day for all concerned.

The final was an excellent match. Peter Roylance went out to a good lead early, Bob Louden came back in the middle to lead 17-13, before Peter caught up again. Bob edged ahead 18-17,  then 19-17. In the final end Bob played a great bowl, nicking off another, and taking the bowl and jack behind the crowded head thus getting two shots to win 21-17.   Bob Louden was a deserved winner of the tournament who drew exceptionally well all day.  Congratulations also go to this year’s runner-up, Peter Roylance.

Men’s Veterans’ Singles Finals

As the scheduled Finals days late last year were cancelled due to flooded greens, it was decided to wait until February when all four finalists would be available.  Semifinal 1 between Paul Tindill and Lex Calder was won by Lex 18-17 after the lead had changed five times during the course of the game. Semifinal 2 between John Hector-Taylor and Tony Mitchinson was also close, with the lead also changing five times.  John, trailing 16-17 on the last end, drew two close bowls to win 18-17. The Final, unfortunately, did not live up to its potential. After leading 4-3 John was badly affected by the heat, dropping 14 shots in the next six rounds, eventually losing 18-6 in only 12 ends.  Congratulations to Lex Calder who won, playing consistently good draw bowls, and also to The Runner-Up, John Hector-Taylor.

Junior Women’s Championship Singles

We had perfect conditions – sunny (not too hot), no wind, a well prepared green and helpful, happy markers for this competition. The friendliness amongst the competitors helped as this was the first singles tournament that I had organised.

We began the day with 6 competitors, finishing with 4, as 2 chose not to play the last game on Saturday. The games were well paced, playing between 14 to 16 ends, so  there were clear winners in each game. It also meant that our first day wasn’t a long one and finished at 3:30. At this stage it was clear who the 2 finalists were as Carol Barr, who was in 3rd place, elected not to play the next day.

Sunday began the same way with perfect conditions and a small crowd of supporters to cheer along Shelley McCabe and Linda Fenton, the 2 finalists.

Kevin, who stood in for the President, was the marker. Thank you, Kevin Dumper. The game began with Shelley winning the first few ends until Linda found her “mojo” and bowled very well to win the game after 15 ends.

Congratulations to Linda Fenton (a 2nd year player), the new Junior Women’s champion and to Shelley McCabe (a 1st year player), the runner up. The club is lucky to have these 2 great players.

A big thank you to all who helped to make this tournament a success.

Liz Macfarlane, Junior Women’s Convenor

Women’s Championship Singles Final

On Friday 1 March Glennis Davey and Sue Peters played their match to determine who would be the Singles Champion for 2019.  Playing on a fine and calm morning, Glennis showed her accuracy as her bowls clustered around the jack as she put herself in a strong opening position winning the first seven ends.  Sue then slowly began to peg this lead back getting within reach at 13-14 after the 17th end.  Sue maintained the pressure in the next four ends taking out the final 21-14.  Congratulations to the 2019 Singles Champion, Sue Peters, and also to the Runner-Up, Glennis Davey.

Women’s Championship Pairs

Last month the Women’s Championships Singles and Triples were held in very warm conditions.  Day One of the Women’s Championship Pairs continued in the same vein – once again very warm playing  temperatures as well as a gusty wind. Ten teams contended the first two rounds, with many games so close they were only decided in their last end.  At the conclusion of these two rounds, two teams (Glennis Davey and Pauline Johnson, and Barbara Schlumpf and Lynette Baigent) both had two lives, while six other teams had one remaining life.  The  final round of the day saw the two teams with the two lives remaining playing each other, with Glennis and Pauline keep their lives intact.  In the other three games, the team of Kay Griffiths and Olwyn Munro, and also that of Paulene Murdoch and Phyllis Yuill won their games to progress to Day Two Play.  Also joining these teams on Day Two is the team of Gina Woodcock and Jen Abbott but their third round match was an extremely close result – it came down to millimeters on the last end!!!

Day 2 began with Round 4, and four one-lifers teams playing against each other.  In this Round, Paulene and Phyllis won over Kay and Olwyn, and Lynette and Barbara won over Gina and Jen, leaving three teams still in the Tournament.  With Paulene and Phyllis gaining the bye in Round 5.  Glennis and Pauline overcame Lynette and Barbara, leaving Glennis and Pauline (the only two life team) to play Phyllis and Paulene in the final round of the day.  As Phyllis and Paulene won this game, both teams still have one life so the championship is yet to be completed.  The date for this final is still to be confirmed.

Men’s Veteran Singles

The Men’s Veterans singles was played over 3 days starting earlier in the season and finished in very hot weather on February 12th.  There were two  VERY exciting semi-finals with both going to 18/17 after the mandatory 18 ends. In the first, Lex Calder beat Paul Tindill and John Hector-Taylor beat Tony Mitchinson.  In the final Lex outplayed John, winning 18 – 6.  Congratulations to  Lex Calder, the Men’s Veteran Singles winner.

Junior Men’s Triples

Four teams played a round robin competition and the team of Peter Roylance, Allan Parker and Tony Williams were the winners.  Lex Calder, Richard Green and Bruce Fenton had 2 wins, Danny Belsham, James Drummond and Brian Jago had 1 win whilst the team of 1st and 2nd  year bowlers, Mike Dickie, Eddie Jones and Ian Chan didn’t have a win, they only lost to the eventual winners 13/10, so they did very well too.

Women’s Junior Championships Pairs

The Junior Women’s Pairs Competition took place on Saturday 9 February. As only 3 teams had been entered I decided to run the competition using the same format as Interclub Tournaments, ie not with a 2 life system but following the Auckland Centre’s Conditions of play This meant that the competition was finished on that day. This worked successfully with the team of Linda Fenton and Lyn McKay being the winners with 2 wins and the team of Linda Sharpe and Shelley McCabe coming second with 1 win. Congratulations to these players with well deserved wins.

We were very lucky in that the day was cloudy with not much wind so temperatures were cooler than they have been. The teams worked well together and for the newcomers it was a good chance to learn some of the etiquette rules of bowls such as who fills in the card for that game and who looks after the board and little things like who picks the mat up after the last end is completed. It was also good practice in measuring and deciding the score for each end. It is these things that help make confident players in tournaments.

We have postponed the Junior Women’s Triples Tournament due to lack of entries so watch this space! We hope to hold it in the Autumn. Please enter this competition and regard it as a learning and enjoyable experience as a team event.

The Junior Women’s Singles entry form is up on the notice board. The tournament takes place on the 2 and 3 of March.

Liz Macfarlane, Junior Women’s Match Convenor

Men’s Championship Singles

On Saturday 2nd February 2019 in “heat wave” conditions 30 members entered the Blue Ribbon Singles qualifying. Last years winner Mark Griffiths and 2016 winner Warwick Alexander struck strong opposition in Gary Cotton and Paul Tindill, Les Brown and Ian Fisher and missed qualifying. Elsewhere it was exciting to see some of our newer members like Don Newitt, Paul Blitvic, Tony Mitchinson, Roland Lee, Iain Thomas and Lex Calder qualify for post section play. Not so lucky were our “Aussie import “ Steve Arms, and pairs winner Pax Vermeulen although Pax did have the satisfaction to be the only player to beat our eventual new champion! A special mention to Ian Chan who won his last game and denied Richard Green the second win he needed, and also to our second year bowler Eddie Jones. While not winning he had close games and Tony Mitchinson needed 4 shots on the last end to overcome Eddie 21-20!

Now to post section on Sunday. With 15 qualifiers, Les Brown gained the bye to the quarter finals. Winners to come through to join him were Ian Fisher 21-13 over Lex Calder, Richard Ludbrook a commanding winner over one of the favourites triples and fours winner Gary Cotton 21-10, Don Newitt 21-16 over Roland Lee, Kevin Hurren 21-19 over Paul Blitvic, 2017 winner Mike Savage over Paul Tindill 21-6, pairs winner Hans Vermeulen 21-13 over Tony Mitchinson, Bruce Hickman 21-11 over Iain Thomas. In the quarter finals Les prevailed 21-5 over Ian F, Richard 21-5 over Don, Mike 21-17 against Kevin and Bruce 21-11 over Hans.

Both semi finals proved to be one sided with Les a comfortable winner over Richard 21-10 and Bruce 21-12 over Mike.

With Vice President Kevin Dumper as marker, two long standing bowling friends meeting in the final, both previous singles winners, both playing at the top of their respective games, a n epic battle was expected. Alas it was not to be with Scotsman Bruce overcoming Englishman Les 21-11. His win greeted with Scotland the Brave being played!

Bruce re-joined Howick 2 seasons ago and this singles win adds to those gained in 2001 and 2003 – Well done Bruce Hickman, you are a worthy Champion and will represent the Club in the Auckland Centre Club Championship event to be played on 13/14 April 2019.

A big thank you for Club Captain Glennis for organising markers on Saturday and to the markers as well, as your help is greatly appreciated.

After six years as Championship Convenor I have decided to call time. Can I thank all the players, markers and other members who have assisted me directly or indirectly over the years – it has been a pleasure to do the work as Championship Convenor. The good news is that Bruce Hickman with help from Wally Mearns have indicated a willingness to take over for next season.

Warwick Alexander, Convenor

Howick Men’s Championship Triples

On Saturday 19 January 2019 12 teams entered the qualifying day’s play. A special mention, and thank you, to the team of Graeme List, Roly Lee and Tony Williams who entered late on Friday to avoid the bye.  Surprise non qualifiers included Steve Arms, Mark Griffiths and pairs winner Pax Vermeulen and Kevin Hurren, pairs winner Hans Vermeulen and Gary Finnemore. In all 6 teams qualified with a special mention to the team skipped by Russell McKay with two new members in Bruce Fenton and Richard Green. Also to Don Newitt, Clive Cockle and Paul Blitvic and to Richard Ludbrook, John Formston and John Taylor who both needed to win their last game of qualifying to make it through.

On Sunday teams skipped by Bryan Chapman and Michael Savage had the bye into the semi final. That left Don to play last year’s Champions Ian Fisher, Paul Hickey and Warwick Alexander and in a close game Ian prevailed 20-13 after the score was 15-13 after 15 the the 18 ends. In the other game the hour delay due to weather certainly helped Richard’s team come back from 3-12 down to win 15-14 against Russell’s team after the score was even going into the last end. Richard drew the shot with his last bowl and then Russell, with his last bowl of the game,  just missed moving the bowl or jack!

The first semi final between Bryan Chapman, Gary Cotton and Rick Meyrick against Michael Savage, Les Brown and Harry Williams proved an easy 20-5 win to Bryan with Michael conceding after 14 ends.  In the other game between Ian Fisher and Richard Ludbrook, the latter held a 11-5 lead after 8 ends but after 10 ends Ian had secured the lead 12-11.  Richard continued to play outstanding bowls as he had done all weekend to score on the next 7 ends to win 21-12.

Now to the final which followed the previous pattern set in the fours and pairs finals with Bryan’s team gaining a easy win 20-5 after 15 ends. For Rick it is another Club title to go with his pairs win a few years back – he is the Club’s go to man as in recent years he doesn’t usually play  in Championships!

Congratulations to Bryan Chapman,  Gary Cotton and Rick Meyrick, winners of the Howick Men’s Triples for the 2018/19 season. They will represent the Club in the Auckland Club Championship to be played on 11/12 May 2019.

Our last Championship event the “Blue Ribbon” singles is due to be played on 2/3 February 2019 with entries closing on Friday 1 February at 3 pm. Please note while players are required to mark one game out of the 4 scheduled there is a need for the Club to supply a few additional markers. If are able to assist please give your names to Warwick or Club Captain Glennis.

Warwick Alexander, Championship Convenor

Howick Women’s Championship Triples

Following on from last weekend’s Championship Singles and once again in very warm, sunny conditions, eight teams turned out to play two bowl triples.  By the completion of play of Day 1, and after three 18 end games of two bowl triples, four teams remained.  Paulene Murdoch’s team ended the day unbeaten and progressed to Day 2, along with three “one life” teams skipped by Glennis Davey, Zenda Smith and Kay Griffiths.

Day 2 saw the four qualifying teams out on the greens. After only 6 ends had been played, a rain break was called just as the players were getting into their rhythm.  Fortunately the rain was relatively short-lived and play was able to continue.  This round and the next set up a final in fine, but somewhat windy conditions, between Paulene Murdoch’s team and Glennis Davey’s team.

Congratulations to the Women’s Championship Triples winners: Paulene Murdoch, Phyllis Yuill and Irene Turley.

Howick Women’s Championship Singles

Saturday 12 January, a very hot, humid day saw ten Club Members turn out to compete in Day 1 of the Women’s Championship Singles.  Games were very competitive with many being “too close to call” as the matches edged towards the 21 shots required for a win.  Special mention must be made of the excellent standard of play shown by Linda, Shelley and Shona – the three junior members.  By the end of Day 1 five players remained – Glennis Davey (two lives), and Sue Peters, Pauline Simpson, Linda Fenton and Kay Griffiths (all of whom had one life remaining).

The first round on Sunday saw the one-lifers pitted against each other, with Linda and Sue progressing to the next round to join Glennis.  Glennis was then drawn to play Linda and, as expected, this was a match in which the lead seesawed, eventually resulting in a 21 – 18 win to Glennis.  In the last match of the weekend, Sue reversed the result of the game between Glennis and herself from Day 1 to set up a final to be played between these two players.

Howick Men’s Championship Fours

The weekend of the 12/13 January saw the completion of the Men’s Championship Fours with 8 teams entering.  Those teams having 2 and 3 wins on the Saturday would qualify for play on Sunday. Unlike the pairs event all the likely qualifiers made it through to the post section draw although the Wally Mearns team skipped by Mark Griffiths, the Ian Fisher team skipped team by brother Neil and the Steve Arms team all needed to win their third game. The highlight of the qualifying play was the game between Neil and Steve which went to an extra end after Steve’s team picked up 5 shots on the last end. The extra end was a tense affair with Neil’s three Bryan Chapman having two wicks of short bowls before dropping a few centimetres in front of the jack. Steve playing his last bowl of the game  managed to gently touch Gary Finnemore’s wing bowl to roll it over behind the jack for shot!

A special mention to Graeme List, Iain Thomas, Murray Martin and Peter Roylance who entered, thereby saving a bye.  They secured a win against Malcolm Jacob’s team that included Kevin Dumper, Lex Calder and Russell McKay, and had a chance of qualifying had they won their last game. Don Newitt’s team also played the 3 games and although not gaining a victory they did press the Les Brown team to go down 15-20. Valuable experience was gained for Don, Paul Blitvic, Bob Louden and Allan Parker.

Post section on the Sunday resulted in 2 teams (Wally Mearns vs Les Brown) playing and 3 teams with the bye. The first game was a match worthy of a final as first Wally’s team had the ascendency out to a 12-6 lead after 9 of the 15 ends – then the comeback from Les’s team skipped by Michael Savage with the game tied up at 15 all after the 15th end. The extra end was killed 3 times before an eventual winner was found with Les Brown’s team of Wally at lead, Les at two and Hans Vermeulen at three winning.

The semi finals saw Neil’s team gaining revenge against Steve and winning 20-11 after having a 16-1 lead diminish to 16-11 after 12 ends. The other game saw the Paul Hickey’s team skipped, by Warwick Alexander, secure a 14 -8 win over Michael Savage although the game was closer than the score indicated with both leads (Richard Ludbrook and Harry Williams) having a great battle up front.
After a close tussle for 5 ends the final proved a one sided game after Gary Cotton, the lead for Neil, provided an excellent display of lead bowls on what proved to be a difficult rink on which to find the correct line. Any time the opposition held shot(s) Neil was able to, with a firm run shot, secure points for his side. After 13 ends the game was over with the score at 18-5.

Congratulations to NeilBryan, Ian and Gary – worthy winners of the Champions Fours. They will now represent Howick in the Club Championship event to be played on 18/19 May 2019.

Our next event is the Men’s Triples on 19/20 January 2019 with entries closing on Friday January 18 at 3 pm.

Howick Men’s Championship Pairs

After a delayed start the Men’s Championship Pairs were able to be completed during the weekend of 15/16 December.  Sixteen teams started on Saturday’s qualifying day with games reduced to 16 ends because of the late start.  There were some close match ups with an extra end needed for Kevin Hurren & Gary Finnemore to win over Danny Belsham & Allan Parker. At the end of the 3 qualifying games 8 teams had reached the requisite qualifying of 2 or 3 wins. Of particular note qualifying were Malcolm Jacob & Harry Williams, Paul Blitvic & Don Hewitt. Those who missed out included Paul Hickey & Richard Ludbrook, Bruce Hickman & Wally Mearns, Steve Arms & Mark Griffiths and Warwick Alexander & Paul Tindill. A special mention to first year juniors Bruce Fenton and Richard Green who acquitted themselves well against some stern opposition and held their own gaining experience to compete at this level.

Post Section on the Sunday resulted in Neil & Ian Fisher prevailing over Malcolm & Harry 16-6 , last year’s winners Bryan Chapman & Gary Cotton winning over Paul & Don 16-12 , Les Brown with late replacement Ron Upshire winning 22-12 against Kevin & Gary and in a very close last game the Vermeulen brothers, Hans & Pax, winning 18-17 against John Formston & John Taylor.

The semi finals proved to be very contrasting games and yet both went to an extra end to find our finalists. In the first match Bryan & Gary prevailed over Neil & Ian staging an remarkable comeback win after been down 15-5 after 7 ends and 23-12 after 14 ends – a lesson in never giving up!  In contrast the other semi final remained very close all the way and locked 13-13 at the end of 18 ends. A couple of fine draw bowls from Hans on the last and extra end the difference between him and Pax, and Les & Ron.

Now to the final between the Championship pairs holders Bryan & Gary and Hans & Pax which unlike the previous semi finals proved one sided as Pax controlled almost every end with an superb display of draw bowls on what had become a slower green. On the rare occasions that the Vermeulens were in trouble Hans was able to recover to reduce the numbers against or score for his side. The final score was 19-8 after 16 of the 18 ends.

Congratulations to Hans and Pax Vermeulen, our Pairs Champions for this season. The club is pleased to see Hans back to winning form after re-joining the Club after taking a break from bowls a few seasons ago. Both he and Pax will be able to celebrate with their other brothers Hank and Rudi who will be keen to share their success.

Just a reminder our next event Championship event is the Fours on 12/13 January 2019 with entries closing on Friday 11 January at 3 pm.

Season greetings to all.

Warwick Alexander, Convenor

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Please take books to read  and when returned please add the date and leave in the basket….do not put them back on the shelves.  We like to know whether books have been read as we need to cull those not used in our twice yearly sort out.

The jigsaws are now located in the back room behind the bar.

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