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A pleasing field of 10 teams, including players from Year 5 to players who had only been playing for a few months, competed in this event. On Day 1 each team was scheduled to play three rounds with those teams who had two or three wins qualifying for Post Section play. This resulted in 5 qualifying teams going into a blind draw. In the first round, Ian Chan and Allan Parker prevailed over Bill Child and Mike Dickie, to move to a semifinal against Pat Castles and Graeme Thomson. A win to Pat and Graeme determined the first pair in the final. The other semifinal was between Lex Calder and Bruce Fenton, against Peter Roylance and Bill Louden. This was a very tight match and, with the scores drawn at the end of the 18 ends, an extra end was required to determine the second finalist. By winning this extra end, Peter and Bob secured the other place in the final. With both of these teams playing many excellent bowls, the game eventually finished at 15-13 when the green became too flooded to continue.

Congratulations to Pat Castles and Graeme Thomson, both Year 2 players!!!


With several players unavailable due to pre-Christmas activities, three teams lined up to play in this event. Day 1 was a round robin with the top two teams going forward to compete in Sunday’s final. The first game of the day saw a team of new players (Robyn Shelwell, Colleen Wright and Lana Dowdell) competing against Carol Barr, Helen Ongley and Rosemary Ackerley. The team of new players played some excellent bowls with at least one bowl sitting close to the jack in most ends, holding Rosemary’s team to a 14-14 draw. A great start to competitive play for these newer players. In the second round Robyn’s team played the Noeline Sadgrove’s team that had Shelley McCabe as lead and Lyn McKay as second. Noeline’s team edged out to a comfortable margin and maintained this to win 21-4. In the last game of the day Noeline’s team moved out to be 17-11 ahead of Rosemary’s after 11 of the 15 ends, eventually taking the game 18-15.

With a lower points differential Rosemary’s team took the second final qualifying place, playing Noeline’s team. A good start saw Rosemary’s team move out to a 11-6 lead before they gave up this lead in one end to be 11-12 behind. With the score at 13-11 to Noeline, heavy rain and a very flooded green saw an early conclusion to the game.

Congratulations to Noeline Sadgrove, Lyn McKay and Shelley McCabe.

Women’s Veterans’ Singles

This Championship has been revived this season and played over the last two Tuesdays. The format of the competition was a round robin, with each game ending when the first player got to 18.  Cecilie McIntyre, with 3 wins, won the Championship while Kay Griffiths, Val Gaudin and Val Lott each had one win in their matches . The match between Cecilie and Kay, played on the second day, was close getting to 9-9 before Cecilie crept ahead to be on match point at 17-9. Kay then won a four shot end to take the score to 17-13.  On the 18th end, with Kay holding 4 shots, Cecilie played a perfect forehand to nudge the jack slightly and stay with it. This immediately cut Kay’s count to 1 but then Cecilie’s bowl fell in to take the shot. A great last bowl. What a difference this shot made – changing a possible 17-17 score into a match-ending 18-13! Well done, and congratulations Cecilie McIntyre.

John Hector-Taylor, Convenor


Men’s  Veterans’ Singles

The qualifying rounds have been played over the last 2 Tuesdays.  A pleasing field of 16 players have played two games on each day, with the first player to score 18 shots being the game winner.  The top eight (Warwick Alexander, Don Newitt, Paul Tindill, Jim Sutton, Wally Mearns, Lex Calder, Allan Parker and Tony Williams) will play again next Tuesday, 3 December, beginning with sudden death quarterfinals. 

Tuesday 3 December started with the quarterfinals. These were keenly contested knock-out games. The results were: Tony Williams beat Warwick Alexander 19-16, Paul Tindill beat Lex Calder 19-12, Don Newitt beat Allan Parker 18-10 and Wally Mearns beat Jim Sutton 19-15, leaving these four winners to contest the semifinals. In the first match, Paul had a win over Tony 18-12 while Wally had a very closely fought 18-17 win over Jim to set up a final Between Paul and Wally. However the rain arrived so any chance of playing the final that afternoon vanished. The new timing for the final will be advised when confirmed.
THE FINAL was played on Thursday 19th December on C Green. First to 18 shots as for earlier rounds which had taken 3 Tuesdays to get to this stage.
After 8 ends the score was 7-7. Paul won the next 3 ends to lead 13-7, then it was 16-14 to Paul. Paul’s last bowl on the 18th end trailed the jack for 1 when Wally was holding 3 . Then on the next end Paul ran the jack into the ditch when Wally was holding 2. Paul drew his last bowl to within a metre for 2. Wally’s last bowl was blocked, so Paul won 19-14 in an exciting finish.
Congratulations to both bowlers for a well-played Final with Paul Tindill the winner.

John Hector-Taylor, Convenor

Junior Men’s  Triples

With five entries in this event, the playing format of qualifying play was a round robin, with the top two teams competing in the final on the Sunday afternoon. At the end of the three rounds played on Day 1, the team of Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton and Peter Roylance having had three wins – 21-14, 16-13 and 15-10, were well set up to take one of the places in the final. Eddie Jones, playing with Andrew Guptill and Bill Child with two wins and a loss, also finished the day in a good position although both of these teams were yet to have a bye. Ian Chan, Tony Williams and Allan Parker completed their first day with a 25-16 win, and a narrow 8-10 loss, but having had their bye they still had two games to play.

In the first round of games on the Sunday, Lex’s team had a win confirming their place in the final. It was an interesting position going into the last round of qualifying. With Lex’s team having the bye, three other teams were in contention for the remaining place in the final. Roli’s team gained an advantage over Allan’s team and held this to the end. Eddie’s team trailled John’s team, a team with two first year bowlers who played very impressive bowls all weekend, for much of their match. However, down 8-11 going into the last end, Eddie’s team scored three points in the last end, gaining a draw and their place in the final.

In the final, after a fairly even start, Lex’s team edged ahead for a win. Congratulations to Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton and Peter Roylance.

Junior Women’s Pairs

A small field of 4 pairs entered this event. Unfortunately due to injury the field was reduced to three pairs prior to the start of play. The playing schedule for Day 1 was a round robin with the top two teams going forward to compete in Sunday’s final. The first game of the day saw Shelley McCabe and Noeline Sadgrove playing Christine Steel and Rosemary Ackerley. Noeline and Shelley quickly went out to a big lead and had a very comfortable 31-11 win. In the second game Noeline and Shelley played Beverley and Alison in what was a much closer encounter. After being equal on 8-8 after 9 ends, Shelley and Noeline slowly edged ahead to finish with another win, 20-13, and a place in the final. The final match of the day between Beverley and Alison, and Christine and Rosemary, would determine the other qualifying team for the final. This time it was Christine’s and Rosemary’s turn to build up a lead in the first half of the game, and they were able to build on this further to take the game 21-5 to secure the remaining place in Sunday’s final. The final on Sunday was played in an excellent spirit but in gusty conditions. Christine and Rosemary edged out to a 10-4 lead in the first 7 ends but saw this cut back to 10-10 after 10 rounds. Picking up 1 or 2 shots in most of the remaining ends lead to a 20-11 win to Christine Steel and Rosemary Ackerley.

Good luck to our Interclub teams!!

The Interclub season begins this Thursday, 31 October with Bowls3FiveYears 1-5 at Howick. Play starts at 6 pm with the Howick Lions (B Child, N Sadgrove, P Roylance) playing the Howick Bears (M Dickie, C Steel, R Cherry, G Thomson, B Smith). These teams play at Howick again on Thursday 28 November.

This Saturday, November 2, our Weekend Interclub teams begin their competitions.

Howick Platinum, the Women’s Division 1 team (P Murdoch, B Rush, P Yuill, J Baughan, C McIntyre, G Davey, B Schlumpf, S Peters, J Abbott and P Johnson) play at New Lynn, starting at 9 am. They will play at Howick on Saturday 16 November.

Howick Gold, the Men’s Premier Division team (G Cotton, B Chapman, L Brown, H Vermeulen, P Hickey, B Hickman, R Ludbrook and K Hurren) play at Pt Chevalier, starting at 9 am. They also play at Howick on Saturday 16 November.

Howick Silver, the Men’s Division 1 team (C Cockle, I Fisher, S Arms, G Finnemore, J Formston, H Williams, D Belsham and J Taylor) play at St Heliers, starting at 9 am. This team will be playing at Howick on Saturday 9 November.

Howick Bronze, the Men’s Division4 team (B Jago, P Blitvic, M Martin, E Jones, P Roylance, A Northcote, I Chan and T Nash) play at Papatoetoe Hunter’s Corner.

Howick Rubies ((N Sadgrove, B O’Brien, W Mearns, T Mitchinson, R McKay, C Steel and M Mildon) are playing at Howick this weekend, commencing at 12.30 pm.

Men’s Handicap Pairs

This season’s Men’s Handicap Pairs was played on 12 and 13 October on our artificial greens with a strong field of 15 teams entering the tournament, once again comprising a good mixture of Junior and Senior players.

With a number of well-regarded club members on low handicaps featuring, the 2 day event provided a great opportunity for the less experienced players to play as a pairs team on a single entry basis with them, and challenge their fellow club members in a competitive but friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

And so it proved with a number of games on Day one round robin play being very close with some tight finishes after the mandatory 18 ends. The top 8 qualifying teams for post section play in order were; 1) Mark Griffiths & Bob Louden, 2) Bruce Hickman & Graeme Thomson, 3) Russell McKay & Wally Mearns, 4) Tony Mitchinson & Ian Chan, 5) Danny Belsham & Tony Williams, 6) Hans Vermeulen & Mike Dickie, 7) Steve Arms & Andrew Guptill, 8) Lex Calder & Eddie Jones.  Of this group of 16 players, 7 are currently Juniors.

Post Section play commenced on Day 2 in bright sunny conditions, although as the day progressed the green speed changed considerably from around 17 seconds at the start to a very slow 13 seconds at the semi final stage which presented a number of challenges for the teams still alive in the championship. Quarter final results saw Mark and Bob lose out to Lex and Eddie 22-13, Tony M and Ian scraping in on the last end against Danny and Tony W 19-17, Russell and Wally dipping out to Hans and Mike 20-7, and Bruce and Graeme in a game of 2 halves coming back from 13-1 down after 9 ends to win out 19-15 against Steve and Andrew.

The semis were even more closely contested with Tony and Ian finally prevailing over Lex and Eddie 14-13 after an extra end had to be played as they were locked at 13 apiece after 18 ends, and being neck and neck from the get go. Similarly in the second semi, after a gripping struggle between 2 evenly matched teams, it was Hans and Mike that pipped the opposition Bruce and Graeme at the post 14-11.

The final, which promised to be another titanic battle proved the opposite with Tony Mitchinson and Ian Chan running out easy winners over Hans Vermeulen and Mike Dickie 29-15 to be worthy Handicap Pairs Champions for 2019. It was great to see both Ian and Mike reach the final as Juniors which again augers well for the club looking forward and serves as a reminder that in this game of ours anything is possible when playing in competitions regardless of status.

Well done to everyone that took part in this year’s event, with handicaps evenly matched amongst all the teams, the tournament was a success and very enjoyable to be part of.

Bruce Hickman, Wally Mearns, Tony Mitchinson.

Convenor Committee.       

Women’s Handicap Pairs

This event was re-introduced into the playing programme after having lapsed a few years ago: it was last played in the 2015/2016 season.  Eight entries were received, resulting in four playing pairs.  All of these players were Junior players and a big congratulations goes to these players, particularly the J1 and J2 players, for entering this event.  The experience they gained in playing in this tournament was invaluable.

Saturday was qualifying day with each pair scheduled to play each of the other playing Teams.  The newest players Robyn Stilwell and Rosalie Haydon both played some outstanding bowls and should be extremely proud of their efforts.  After Round 2 when each pair had played two hard fought games the teams of Noeline Sadgrove and Christine Steel, and Shelley McCabe and Rosemary Ackerley both had two wins and therefore both these teams qualified for Sunday’s final.  

Sunday’s final was played on a very pleasant spring day, sharing the green with the semifinals of the Men’s Handicap Pairs tournament.  Many excellent bowls were played by both teams.  However Shelley and Rosemary built up a strong lead in the first 8 ends, and managed to consolidate this in successive ends. The match concluded with a comfortable win to Shelley and Rosemary. 

Congratulations to Shelley McCabe and Rosemary Ackerley.

Open Split Pairs

This competition, new to our Calendar this season, was played on a lovely, warm and calm day.  Each team played 3 games against three different opponents, starting with three bowl Pairs.  This was followed by a game of 2-4-2, and a further games of three bowl pairs to finish off the afternoon.  However whoever skipped in the first game of Pairs played lead in the other Pairs match, and vice versus. With the incentive of prize money – $100 for first place competition and further prize money for the next three teams and also a consolation prize – competition was tight and only two of the 16 teams had three wins.

Congratulations to Richard Ludbrook and Bruce Fenton who placed first with 3 wins.  Ken and Cecilie, who also had three wins, placed second followed by third placegetters Tony Mitchinson and Colin Scard with two wins and a draw, and Iain and John with two wins.

Thanks to Bruce Hickman, Wally Mearns, Tony Mitchinson and Colin Scard for their excellent organisation. It was a very well run day enjoyed by all.

On Sunday 20th October there is another similar tournament, although this time it is a mixed pair event.  The entry list is up on the Club Noticeboard.

Our Auckland Representatives

Howick Bowling Club celebrates our Auckland Bowls Representatives

Congratulations to our players: Les Brown (Men’s Open), Lex Calder and Eddie Jones (Men’s Years 1-5 squad) and Linda Fenton (Women’s Years 1-5 squad) who have been selected in their Auckland Bowls representative squads. Congratulations also to Diane Harris for her role as a Head Selector of the Women’s Open squad.  Go to our Photo Gallery to see their photos.

The Club is very proud of you all!!!

Women’s Handicap Singles 

For the first time since the 2011-2012 season, this event was played on the weekend of 14 & 15 September and with the Men’s Handicap Singles being played on the same green, this was an excellent first event for the new season.  Although the women’s field was small, competition was keen and the excellent standard of play made for some well fought games.  Saturday was qualifying day with each player playing each other.  Linda Fenton, with two wins, and Irene Turley, with one win, qualified for the final on the Sunday.  Congratulations to Linda Fenton who got off to a good start and then maintained her lead to take the title.

 Men’s Handicap Singles

In springlike conditions and as a forerunner to whet the appetite for the upcoming  summer season, this year’s Men’s Handicap Singles event was played on our artificial greens on 14 and 15 September with a field of 16 entrants comprising a good mix of Junior and Senior club members.

Competition in the qualifying rounds on day one was fierce with the slightly revised format of 15 ends instead of first to 21 proving successful giving the lower handicappers more time to “catch up” while the higher handicappers still had a realistic chance to fend off the opposition.  Qualifiers for post section play were; Paul Blitvic, Bruce Hickman, Pax Vermuelen, Ian Chan, Bryan Chapman, Bruce Fenton, Peter Roylance, and Mark Griffiths. Significant at this stage is that of the 8 qualifiers, 4 are Junior players. Of the total number of entrants, 9 are Juniors.

Post Section play proved equally competitive with an excellent standard of bowls and close results. Paul ousted Bruce H 19-15, Ian edged Pax 17-14, Bryan lost to Bruce F 9-18 and Mark had a close win against Peter 18-16. The semi’s proved decisive for Bruce Fenton with a commanding win over Ian 14-7 after 14 ends played while Mark lost to Paul 13-18 in a close fought tussle.  Despite Paul taking the scalps of both Bruce H and Mark on his way to the final and playing extremely well in the process, he was overwhelmed by eventual winner Bruce 15-6 after 13 ends. Bruce Fenton showed some excellent touches and consistency in his draw game to secure a great win and has proven to be a worthy club Handicap Singles Champion for 2019.

You could say this was a result “made in Heaven” as Bruce’s wife Linda also won the Women’s Handicap Singles on the same green, on the same day, so a big congratulations to both for what must be a unique achievement in this great game we play.

The end result is also a very good one for the club as a whole to see 2 top Juniors reaching the final and deservedly so, and augers well for the future.  To all the participants, thanks for playing in the event – there was humour and good banter over both days that made the tournament relaxing and enjoyable for all.

Bruce Hickman, Convenor

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