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Twelve Men’s triples teams, composed of our most experienced  men’s players and many new and older juniors, took part this weekend under clear skies and fast greens, with all performing excellently and having degrees of success.  Five teams advanced to post section play on the second day.

The final was played under clear skies and on a fast A green, between teams skipped by Neil Fisher, with Bryan Chapman and Gary Cotton, against one skipped by Kevin Hurren with brothers Hans and Pax Vermeulen.

Thank you all for participating and making this a great event for both players and spectators alike.

Congratulations to Neil Fisher, Bryan Chapman and Gary Cotton, the 2021-2022 Champions, a team in which all members performed brilliantly to win the title.  Congratulations also to the Runners-Up, Kevin Hurren, Hans Vermeulen and Pax Vermeulen.


Another busy weekend at the Club last weekend!  In warm and sunny conditions, and with the Men’s Open Triples Championship also in progress, the first day of the Women’s Fours was played on A green.  It was great to see the number of Juniors (Linda Fenton, Shona Young, Shelley McCabe, Lana Dowdell, Linda Mirabelli, Bev Fleetwood and Brenda Gael) spread across a range of teams taking part in this event.  Three rounds were played using the two life format, with three teams (those skipped by Sue Peters, Linda Fenton and Cecilie McIntyre) progressing to further play.  

Round Four has now been completed with Cecilie’s team (playing with Rosemary Ackerley, Helen Ongley and Nola Turner) having a tight match against Sue’s team (playing with Noeline Sadgrove, Lana Dowdell and Carol Barr) before Cecilie’s team edged ahead in the last few ends for an 18-10 win.

The final match between Cecilie’s team (having two lives remaining) and Linda Fenton’s team (playing with Diane Harris, Joy Baughan and Shelley McCabe and having one life remaining) will be played later in the season.

Thanks once again to Paul and his team of helpers for their preparation of the greens.


The Open Women’s Triples Championship was held last weekend, 15 and 16 January, in wonderful warm weather.Day 1 began with six teams taking to the greens, playing a two-life system, in what was to be a weekend of very competitive matches.

At the end of Day 1, three teams remained, with the team of Sue Peters, Noeline Sadgrove and Lana Dowdell having two lives, whilst Glennis’s team (playing with Barbara Schlumpf and Shona Young) and Linda Fenton’s team (playing with Diane Harris and Shelley McCabe) had one life left each.

Day 2 began with the match between the two teams with one life remaining.Linda’s team went out to a good lead before Glennis’s team gradually narrowed the margin to 14-12 after 15 ends, and 15-13 after 17 ends. Scoring one on the last end Linda’s team took the match 16-13.

In the last round Sue’s team edged out to an early lead and continued to steadily build on this throughout the match for a final score of 18-8.However each end was keenly contested with scoring margins mostly restricted to 1 or 2 shots per end.

Congratulations to Sue Peters, Noeline Sadgrove and Lana Dowdell on their Championship win, and to the Runners-Up, Linda Fenton, Diane Harris and Shelley McCabe.

Thank you, as always, to Paul Hickey and his team for their excellent preparation and for the setting up of the greens on both days.


This seminar was conducted by Leif Selby (ex world No 1) who has recently been appointed the Auckland Bowls Coaching and Development Manager.

It was most pleasing that approx 60 members attended and the feedback has been very positive.

Leif has produced training booklets that are due out next month and I will endeavour to get him back to introduce these to members who are interested.

Richard Ludbrook


Being the biggest user of the upstairs lounge I would like to thank and congratulate all those people who have done a superb job on updating the upper lounge.  I will not name names as there are so many but those that have helped pat yourself on the back as it was as very big task.  At the moment I have only had one of my regular customers namely Howick Ladies Club viewed the premises and they were super impressed, it brightens the whole place up and gives it a  new lease of life.I will report back on their comments.  Once again thank you for doing such a great job, all of you.

Rick Meyrick


After tough matches to qualify and then surviving knockout, both Kevin Hurren and Mark Andrews were worthy finalists for the final in the Men’s Handicap Singles played on Sunday 5 December.  This final was played in good conditions, with Neil Fisher marking.

Mark Andrews, starting with a 7 point handicap advantage, dominated play from the very beginning and just kept drawing well, placing more pressure on Kevin Hurren who had to make up the deficit.Thiswas a tough task, with Mark playing well, and who continued to increase his advantage hence winning well.

Congratulations to Mark Andrews, a worthy winner and an excellent example of the strength of our current junior men players. Congratulations also to Kevin Hurren, this season’s Runner-Up.

Peter Roylance  and Glennis Davey, Club Captains


The Final of the veterans singles was won by Richard Ludbrook over Tony Mitchinson 18-17. An extremely close game that could have gone either way.


Two fantastic hot sunny days, magnificent greens preparation, lots of club spectators, and a very happy and enjoyable time for players and watchers alike!

We had a very big entry of 20 teams, including first year and new members, and all of our top low handicap bowlers entered too.After Saturday’s three games nine teams qualified for Sunday’s knockout play, two with three wins, (skipped by Clive Cockle and Paul Blitvic) and seven others with two wins.

Semi finals resulted in an easy win for Paul Blitvic and David Weir, and a tighter result for Neil Fisher and Tony Williams who then played the final.

A most exciting final, very tight ends and after sixteen ends no one knew who would win.At the finish of the seventeenth end Neil and then Tony chalked up a two point lead, then in the eighteenth and final end David Weir and Paul came back scoring two so it was a draw.A 19th end playoff was required.

It is now getting colder 5.40 pm, the sun is gone,and it has been a very long day, but Tony and Neil once again pulled a rabbit out of the hat and won the event.

Clive Cockle came back and presented the Cup to Tony Williams and Neil Fisher deserved winners.Congratulations also to Paul Blitvic and David Weir.


Congratulations to our Junior Reps: Linda Fenton and Shelley McCabe who have been chosen to represent Auckland in the Junior Women’s Representative squad, and Eddie Jones and David Weir who have been selected in the Junior Men’s Representative squad.  The Club wishes them every success in their events.


What a wonderful weekend it was. Perfect weather, great bowls played and an exciting finish.The ladies played a round robin format as there were 5 teams participating.

At the end of 4 rounds, there was one team who had 3 wins (Robyn Shelwell and Beverley Fleetwood), and they were to meet Linda Fenton and Shelley McCabe in the final round.Linda and Shelley had been defeated in the previous round by the giantkillers, Lana Dowdell and Robin Reeve. Lana and Robin both played lovely bowls and deserved the win.

So it all came down to the final game a 3 winner versus a 2 winner. If the 2 winner won, then differential played a part in determining the winner.In the final game Shelley and Linda played great bowls and not only won the game but also the competition.

Congratulations to our Winners, Linda Fenton and Shelley McCabe, and also to the Runners-Up, Robyn Shelwell and Beverley Fleetwood.Congratulations also to Wendy Green (a first year player), who both played very consistently.


This weekend played in perfect weather and on great greens we had a fantastic Men’s Junior tournament.A big field participated and Saturday’s play gave us very tight games and the chance to play quarter, semi and finals on the Sunday.

Under bright sunny skies,it was a new year, no rain outs as happened in the last two years, and the prior two times champions of Graeme Thomson and Pat Castles were beaten by David Weir and Greg Dowdell, selling up a final for David Weir and Greg Dowdell against Bruce Fenton and Eddie Jones.

Bruce was leading and I swear had a magnet to the jack and set up Eddie time and time to add to the tally again to deprive Greg and David of more than just a couple of points in the first 9 ends.No matter whether David and Greg had shot, they were often out drawn.This continued right up until the fourteenth end when finally David and Greg snatched a couple of fours in succesive ends and came within four points on the last end.

But no miracle finishes or last minute plays today, Bruce Fenton and Eddie Jones thoroughly deserved their status as our new 2021/ 2022 Junior Men’s pairs champions.


Executive Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.


Please take books to read  and when returned please add the date and leave in the basket….do not put them back on the shelves.  We like to know whether books have been read as we need to cull those not used in our twice yearly sort out.

The jigsaws are now located in the back room behind the bar.

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