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Due to Covid Alert Level 3 restrictions, all organised tournaments between 15 – 26 August have been cancelled.  Greens are open for practice provided social distancing is maintained, and Government directives are observed.  All players are encouraged to scan the QR Code displayed in the Clubhouse.


Subscriptions were due 31st 31st July so if you have not yet paid please do so now. Invoices were sent by email on 29th June. Any queries to Ken McIntyre

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On Saturday Howick had 3 teams in the Junior 1-5 year Fours and the men and women in the Champ of Champ Fours. ALL TEAMS won at least one game which was good. None qualified in the Juniors and both the Champ of Champ teams lost their second round.

The women’s team (Cecilie, Rosemary, Helen & Lana) won their first round 19/4  then almost caused a boil over against the Carlton Cornwall, the previous Champion team, losing 11/10….but actually winning 10 of the 15 ends….one ‘big’ end to CC after a great drive by their skip made the difference.The Carton Cornwall team eventually beat Blockhouse Bay 13-11.

Linda Fenton is in a St Heliers Junior team which has qualified.

In the Men’s Champ of Champs Mark G, Richard, Paul H and Eddie J won their first,  but turned up to watch the others at Mt Eden, after losing their second round.

In the Years 1-5 Fours, Bob L, Graeme, Tony W and Peter R’s team won  their first two games by 1 point but then lost to the section winners.  Lex, Bruce F, Mike D and Bill C’s won the first, lost the second and won their 3rd round by 1 point. Ian C played with 3 very new Juniors, Rob S, David W and Steve W, and did well to win their first round 23/11.


Both the Howick winter interclub  teams made the quarter finals for this Sunday, but although they played well did not qualify for the semi finals.

Team no 1

Skip Stephen Arms, Eddie Jones, Susan Peters and Graeme Thompson roared off to a fine start, but slowly got pegged back by the Royal Oak team, and despite some amazing bowls, especially from Stephen who on one end being 6 down in a crowded head blitzed it and came out smiling with a one shot win, but this was not enough.

Team no 2

Skip Danny Belsham, Christine Steel, Paul Blitvic and Ian Chan started well and level pegged for some time until Royal Oak dominated the jack and pulled away.

Best shot of the day was a slightly weighted shot by Danny on a very long end, moving the jack from the opposition and tucking it between two touching Howick bowls for a win on that end – a magnificent touch!

A fantastic group of Howick supporters, about 18, came out  in the cold weather conditions and we all had a great time supporting our fellow club members.

Thank you Teams Stephen and Danny,  we have enjoy your successes and  you have done us proud.


Once again our Team 1 completely aced their competition, scoring an eight on the first end and quickly closing out the game to qualify the Howick Bowling Club for finals day at Epsom next weekend.

Team 2 had a good fight but went down in the end.


Thanks to the good group of supporters, led again by Wally and including eight juniors, who went to Papatoetoe and cheered the teams on to victory, before returning to the Club with the teams for a victory celebration.  A great Sunday morning’s entertainment for all.

WELL DONE TEAM – Go along and support them at Epsom next weekend.  If you want to go for a few hours, contact Peter Roylance for carpooling options.

More photos on the Photo Gallery


Four fantastic wins out of four, beating competition leaders Railways first and then Mangere after this.  You should have been there to enjoy this!!!

Team 1 (Stephen Arms – skip, Eddie Jones, Sue Peters and Graeme Thomson), had two very convincing wins, simply blowing Railways, the competition leaders, away and Mangere too.

Team 2 (Danny Belsham – skip, Paul Blitvic, Christine Steel and Ian Chan) had two hard fought wins. In the first game they came from 15-6 down to win convincingly 30-15 then followed this with a close match, winning 26-24 on the last end.

Howick now go to the top of the table in their section with 19 points, having beaten both the current section leaders, Railways and Mangere, scoring a maximum 12 points for the day.  With less difficult competition coming up, fingers crossed for great results next week.


This was the first time this event had been held for many years and, although delayed from April by Covid-19, it attracted three entries.  It was pleasing to see that each of these teams included a Year 1 player.  The format of the competition was round robin.  In the first round Linda Fenton’s and her team of Lyn McKay, Shelley McCabe and Lana Dowdell won 19-10 over Shona Young and her team players, Christine Steel, Noeline Sadgrove and Brenda Gael.  Round 2 saw Shona’s team overcoming the team of Annie Hsu, Robyn Shelwell, Linda Sharpe and Rosemary Ackerley 14-10 in a close fought game.  The final game of the day was a great battle between Linda Fenton’s team and Rosemary’s.  The last end was the deciding factor in this match ending up 15-12 to Linda’s team.

Congratulations to the winners – Linda Fenton, Lyn McKay, Shelley McCabe and Lana Dowdell and the Runners-Up – Shona Young, Christine Steel, Noeline Sadgrove and Brenda Gael.


Four teams took to the rinks on Saturday to contest the delayed Years 1-5 Men’s Junior Fours.  The event was very competitive with all teams having at least one win.  The team skipped by Eddie Jones, Ian Chan and new players Steve Waltham, Robert and Shelwell won each of their three games. A win, a draw and a loss by Graeme Thomson and his team of Greg Dowdell, Pat Castles and Tony Williams secured second place, beating the experienced team of Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton, Bill Child and Mike Dickie to do so.  This was a great result for the newer players.

Congratulations to the winners – Eddie Jones, Steve Waltham, Robert Shelwell and Ian Chan, and the Runners-Up – Graeme Thomson, Greg Dowdell, Pat Castles and Tony Williams.


While we were having the AGM, Eddie Jones, Lex Calder and Bruce Fenton were on our E Green battling the showers and opponents! Well done to them – they qualified for post section play after 2 wins and a draw. Just to show you should NEVER give in, they came back twice …from down 18-4 with 5 ends to play in the drawn match and from 13-5 down in the second match to win that 19-16. A big win in the last was needed to qualify with the best differential for a non-section winner…and they made it, winning 39-4. What a day of contrasts!
A 21-14 loss in Post section play at Kohimaramara meant that they did not progress to the semifinals, but a great effort nevertheless.


Champion of Champion Men’s triples: Bryan Chapman, Gary Cotton and Les Brown had a comfortable win in their first round, before losing a very tight game to Mangere 20/19.

In the Year 1-5 Pairs (any combination this year) – Five teams, Eddie Jones and Bruce Fenton,  Bob Louden and Graeme Thomson, Peter Roylance and Tony Williams, Mike Dickie and Ian Chan, and Linda Fenton and her St Heliers partner, Angela, competed qualified in this event.  At the end of Qualifying on Saturday, two teams – Eddie and Bruce Fenton, and Linda and Angela both qualified for Post section play on the Sunday,.  Each of these teams had won all three of their qualifying games and both teams had a points differential of 37.  All our other teams had at least one win but did not qualify….well done to Bob & Graeme with 2 wins as well as Peter & Tony and  Mike D & Ian with one win each.

Day Two of the competition saw the top 16 teams play – the 10 winners from each section went through, together with the next best 2 game winners based on points differential.  The random draw for the first round drew the Fenton teams playing against each other.  After a cliffhanger victory 14/13 over Linda Fenton and her partner, Eddie and Bruce went on to the semifinals.  This was another cliffhanger, with Eddie and Bruce after an extra end just missing out on playing the final.

Well done and congratulations to all these players.


In the Year 1-5 Singles, Howick was represented by four players –  Eddie Jones, Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton and Linda Fenton.  Well done to Lex in the Men’s event, finishing the day with two wins.  In the Women’s events,  Linda qualified for Post Section play having two wins in section play and having a superior points differential.  In the Post Section play on Sunday Linda, together with the other four section winners, and the next best three players, played quarterfinals.  Linda had a very comfortable win in her match to confirm her place in the semifinal.  However, she was then drawn against the eventual winner, ending her run.

Well done to all these players, and congratulations Linda!


Sharing a green with the Women’s First Year Singles, a field of 4 players played in a round robin competition on Saturday 20 June.  Each player was drawn to play the other three so by the end of the day the First Year Singles Champion would be known. 

Round 1 saw Greg Dowdell have a win over Terry Turner, and Robert Shelwell having a win over Karl Holloway.  In round 2 Greg and Robert both continued their winning ways.  This set up a “final” for the last round of the day, with Greg playing Robert and the winner taking the title.  In a very good match Greg won this match.

Congratulations to Greg Dowdell, the First Year Men’s champion and to Robert Shelwell, the runner up.


An excellent field of 5 players, the largest for many years, played in a round robin competition on Saturday and Sunday, 20 & 21 June.  It was an event originally scheduled for April but rescheduled due to the Covid lockdown.  The weather also played its part with pleasant winter playing conditions despite very heavy overnight rain on Saturday night.

Throughout the weekend the standard of play was excellent and all the players should be justifiably proud of their efforts.  This was for many of the players their first competition and it was great to see both the friendliness and support of each other among the players.

The first three rounds were played on Saturday.  At the end of this day, both Linda Mirabelli and Robyn Shelwell had had two wins, and Lana Dowdell and Brenda Gael with one.  This set up for very interesting matches on Sunday with several players in contention for the competition.  

In the first round on Sunday Lana played Linda.  Lana was ahead by midway and held this to win 21-10.  The other game saw Robyn, who was playing Bev, edge out to a 14-6 lead, but then a challenge by Bev brought the score back to 14-12.  The last few ends saw Robyn take the game 19-15.

The final round saw Lana playing Brenda, and Robyn playing Linda.  Robyn had already had three wins, while both Lana and Linda had had two each.  In the first match Brenda went out to a good lead but Lana gradually pegged this back to 12-12, then 16-16, before eventually winning 21-20.  This gave her three wins and hence the outcome of the competition rested on the outcome of the game between Robyn and Linda.  A win to Robyn would give her the title, while a win to Linda meant that that three players would have had three wins, hence forcing a playoff.  This match was another excellent one with the many individual shots being acknowledged by the spectators.  It was also a very hard fought match.  Robyn went out to a 8-4 lead only for Linda bring this back to 11-11, then 14-14.  After some further very tight heads, Robyn took the match 20-16 at the end of time, giving her the title.

Congratulations to Robyn Shelwell, the First Year Women’s champion and to Lana Dowdell, the runner up.


Normal activities have now resumed.  Please refer to the Tournaments page for further information.


The Open Men’s Singles Championship has now been completed with Graeme Thomson, only in his second year as a player, winning the Club’s premier event for this season. In the process he won his semi-final match against Paul Hickey 21-12 and then overcame Les Brown in a closely fought final 21-18. This is a tremendous result for Graeme considering both his opponents are past Singles Champions of the club with Les also a current member of the Auckland Bowls playing squad, and may well be unprecedented in the club’s history.

For the record the other semi-finalist was Mike Savage who lost out to Les Brown in their playoff 21-8 and Les is also to be congratulated for reaching the final once again highlighting his own highly regarded playing ability and success over past seasons.

Graeme played very consistently throughout the championship rounds and demonstrated great draw play ability, often when the pressure was on, and not often seen in someone so new to the game. Graeme Thomson is warmly congratulated on becoming the Club Singles Champion for the 2019-20 season and can take great credit for this outstanding achievement. Congratulations also to the Runner Up Les Brown.
Bruce Hickman, Convenor


Linda Fenton and Eddie Jones, two of our 3rd year Juniors are in the Auckland 1-5 Representatives to play in Waikato next weekend. They both started with coaching from our excellent Saturday / Monday morning coaching group..  Well done to both and “good bowling!”


Played on a very hot Thursday 20 February. with 4 teams entered, the format was a Round Robin with 3 rounds of 10 ends being agreed upon by the players.

At the end of the day Jenn Abbott & Joyce Joe had 2 wins (4 pts), Cecilie McIntyre & Irene Turley had 1½ wins (3 pts), Kay Griffiths & Val Lott also had 1½ wins (3 pts), while Allison Irvine & Helen Ongley had 1 win (2 pts).

Congratulations to Jenn Abbott & Joyce Joe. They were the clear winner on points, also beating both Cecilie’s team and Kay’s team. Their only loss was to Allison’s team!


Three qualifying rounds were played on Thursday 20 February, with the top 4 teams playing semifinals and final on 27 February. Seven teams entered and played 3 rounds of 12 ends with 1 team having the bye in each round.

The 4 qualifying teams were: Richard Ludbrook & Peter Roylance (3 wins), Warwick Alexander & John Formston (2 wins), Paul Tindill & John Taylor (2 wins), and Lex Calder & Tony Williams (1 win + bye). Tony Mitchinson & Wally Mearns (1 win + bye ) missed out on qualifying on differential.

In the first semifinal, after 6 ends, Lex and Tony led 11-0, then 13-1 after 8 ends. Richard and Peter won the next 3 ends with 8 shots before Lex and Tony then won the last end to win 14-9. In the second semifinal, after 6 ends, Warwick and John F led 8-4. The game ended after 11 ends with Warwick and John beating Paul and John T 14-6. In the qualifying rounds, Paul’s team had beaten Warwick’s team14-11!

The Final commenced at 11.30 in full sun after a cloudy start to the day. After 4 ends Warwick and John led Lex and Tony 9-0. The next 5 ends saw the score advance to 12-4. After 11 ends Warwick and John beat Lex and Tony 15-4. In 5 of the last 6 ends Lex & Tony held shots on the head at the changeover but Warwick would win the end with great draw bowling.

Congratulations to Warwick Alexander and John Formston.

John Hector-Taylor, Convenor


The final of the Men’s Club Pairs was played on Sunday 23 Feb between Bryan and Gary, and Hans and Pax with Bryan and Gary winning a real cliffhanger 14-13, an extra end being required when the scores were tied after 18 had been completed. The match was close throughout the entire game with Hans and Pax getting out to a 6-1 lead after 6 ends only to be gradually pegged back with the scores level at 8 all after 12 ends. From there it was neck and neck until the final bowl was played with Bryan and Gary holding the winning shot by millimetres!

The game was fitting of a final with some great bowls from both teams, and Bryan Chapman and Gary Cotton are once again to be congratulated as worthy winners of this year’s Pairs Championship.

Convenor: Bruce Hickman


This was a very competitive event of a very high standard and all of the 18 who entered contributed to an excellent tournament.

After 4 rounds of section play (3 playing and 1 marking) 9 players made it through to the post section play. Amongst these were two first year players in Robert Shelwell and Greg Dowdell, as well as Bruce Fenton, Steve Waltham, Peter Roylance, Lex Calder, Eddie Jones, Roland Lee and Graeme Thomson.

Both semi finals were very close affairs which could have gone either way. Bruce Fenton beat Peter Roylance 21-17 and Eddie Jones beat Lex Calder 21-18. Eddie Jones took out the final 21-16.

Congratulations to the Championship winner Eddie Jones who along the way had to beat Roland Lee to qualify and Graeme Thomson in the quarter final. Congratulations also to the Runner-Up, Bruce Fenton.

Thanks to those who marked (Mark Griffiths, Merv Mildon, Wally Mearns, Colin Scard, Russell McKay) and to Paul Hickey and helpers who set up the greens.

Richard Ludbrook, Convenor


A pleasing field of 8 players, three of whom were First Year players, took part in qualifying on Saturday. However, half through Round 2, the first heavy rain in Auckland in weeks fell flooding the greens and ending play for the day. Resuming play on Sunday the three qualifying rounds were completed. Round 3 was particularly close. At one stage later in the round all four scoreboards showed a difference of only one between each of the two players!

Five players qualified for Post section play. Noeline and Rosemary were drawn to play the first round to determine the semi-finalist who would join Carol, Shona and Shelley. This game was certainly a tussle. After 9 ends the scores were tied at 8-8. Noeline then widened this to take a 16-10 lead before Rosemary closed in again to be 18-20 behind. Putting three bowls on the jack Rosemary won the match 21-20. It couldn’t have been any closer.

The first semifinal saw Shona playing Carol. Shona went out to a comfortable lead and kept up the pressure to secure herself a place in the final. The second semifinal was another tussle. Rosemary lead through the first ends but excellent bowling from Shelley saw her close the margin up to 17-20 to Rosemary. In the next end Shelley played 4 beautiful bowls on the jack ending the match 21-20 ahead, and taking the other place in the final.

The final was played on Sunday 1 March. It was pleasing to see the good number of spectators who had come to watch this match. After several close ends initially Shelley built up a comfortable lead by securing 1 or 2 shots in the next ends, further extending this to a comfortable 21-6 win.

Congratulations to Shelley McCabe, the Junior Singles Champion, and to Shona Young, the Runner Up.

Thank you to all the markers – the players certainly appreciated their contribution. Thank you also to Paul and his team for the excellent green.


A continuation of our brilliant weather allowed completion of the Men’s Fours Championship over the weekend of 15 & 16 February when a solid field of 10 teams took to the greens to compete for the D G Ferguson Memorial Shield 1975. Once again a number of Junior players were prominent in the mix of teams which has been a feature of this year’s championships, and a good sign looking forward.

With 2 and 3 winners the qualifying criteria for Post Section play on day 1, the following 5 teams made it to the knockout phase after a number of close games; 1) Mark, Harry, Pax and Hans, 2) Paul B, Peter, Merv and Don, 3) Bryan, Gary, Ian and Les, 4) Bruce H, Tony, Wally and Ron, 5) Paul H, Neil, Richard and Eddie.

Post Section required one game early on Sunday with 3 byes necessary to reduce the field to the 4 semi –finalists, and which resulted in Bryan’s team easily overcoming Bruce’s guys 18-6 due to their superior and more consistent draw game. In the 2 semi’s Mark and his team overcame Paul Blitvic’s men 16-13 in a game that ended up relatively close after the winners held a handy 11-1 lead after 8 ends. With the inclusion of Neil Fisher in Paul Hickey’s team and steady play of Richard and Eddie, they were strong enough to eventually win out over Bryan’s team 15-8.

The final between Mark and Paul’s teams was indeed a game worthy of being described as a great final with some outstanding bowls by all players. In a closely fought and exciting match, and a fine advertisement for the game of bowls Paul and his team of Neil Fisher, Richard Ludbrook and Eddie Jones came out well-deserved winners of the Championship 13-8. Notable was the performance of Eddie throughout the tournament, as he is only in his third year as a player and has a great future in the game.

The event over both days was played in good spirit amongst the players who took part, and particularly in the final when both teams were fighting hard for the win.

Congratulations to the Championship Winners Paul Hickey, Neil Fisher, Richard Ludbrook and Eddie Jones and to the Runners Up, Mark Griffiths, Pax and Hans Vermeulen and Harry Williams.

This is the last event for this season’s Men’s Senior Championships and therefore as Convenor of these, it is appropriate to acknowledge the work Paul has done to give us great greens to play on and to thank those that have assisted in the setting up and closing down of rinks and greens for each event.
Bruce Hickman, Convenor


The final Open Championship was held last weekend in wonderful, although thankfully slightly less warm, weather. Among the 24 players making up the eight entries, it was great to see the many Juniors (eight in total) take to the greens.

At the completion of the second round on Day 1 two teams, Glennis playing wth Pauline J and Shona Y and Diane playing with Jenny A and Sue P, had already qualified for Post Section play. Four further teams were still in contention going into the final qualifying round. Linda F and her co-players Lyn and Shelley had a clear cut win to qualify. Cecilie’s team’s match against Glennis’ team was very closely fought, with the game score at 17-15 going into the last end. Cecilie’s team needed two shots to gain a draw and force an extra end. Scoring the end was tense – they had one shot but the next shot was a measure. An umpire’s decision ruled that the next two bowls were equally close, hence giving a 17-16 win to Glennis’ team.

With three teams qualifying for Day 2 Post Section competition, the random draw determined that Linda’s team would play Diane’s team, with the winner going through to the final. Linda’s team played excellent bowls, quickly establishing a good lead and going on to win comfortably.

The final was, therefore, between Glennis’ team and Linda’s all Junior Bowlers’ team. It is significant to note that 4 of the 6 bowlers in the final were Junior Bowlers!! Linda and her team put early pressure on, going out to a 8-3 lead after 6 ends, before. Glennis’ team started to rein in the difference. They had narrowed the score down to be one behind at 14-15 with three ends to play. Linda’s team then won two of these last ends to take the title 20-15.

Congratulations to the team of Junior Bowlers, Linda Fenton (Year 3), Lyn McKay (Year 5) and Shelley McCabe (Year 2) on their Championship win, and to the Runners-Up, Glennis Davey, Pauline Johnson and Shona Young (Year 4).

Thank you once again to Paul Hickey and his team for their preparation and setting up of the greens.


Glorious summer weather conditions greeted the 33 entrants to this year’s Men’s Singles Championship event when play started on Saturday 8 February. This was the largest field in recent years and once again notable in that a number of upcoming Junior players were prominent in the entries and performed well throughout the event.

As was evident in the recent Pairs Championship, the qualifying round section groupings once again produced a number of very tough draws resulting in games being closely contested and some surprising results. At the conclusion of the 3 rounds played on day 1 there were 17 qualifiers for Post Section namely; 1) Richard Ludbrook, 2) Les Brown, 3) Warwick Alexander, 4) Lex Calder, 5) Bruce Hickman, 6) Graeme Thomson, 7) Eddie Jones, 8) Tony Mitchinson, 9) Kevin Beasley, 10) Don Newitt, 11) Ian Fisher, 12) Wally Mearns, 13) Tony Williams, 14) Iain Thomas, 15) Mike Savage, 16) Alan Parker, 17) Paul Tindill.

Post Section required one game early on Sunday with 15 byes necessary to reduce the field to 16. This produced a cliff hanger between Ian Fisher and Kevin Beasley going right to the wire on time limit with Ian coming out on top 21-17 as the waiting field for the knock out phase, starting shortly after, watched in anticipation of the outcome.

All 8 games played in knockout were hard fought and close encounters, 7 of those matches ending with winning margins no greater than 6 points as follows; 1) Paul Tindill edged out Wally 21-18 after Wally had started well, only losing the lead on the second to last end, 2) Les overcame Bruce 21-15 coming back well after the latter led 8-1 early on, 3) Mike outed Don 21-15 after the game was evenly poised at 10 all at the half way stage , 4) Paul H won an extremely close contest against Richard 21-20 which could easily have gone either way, 5) Eddie defeated Tony 21-17 after taking the lead from the 10th end and holding on in a close match, 6) Warwick lost to Graeme 17-21 after being ahead 17-10 at one stage, 7) Lex overcame Alan 21-3 in a one sided affair, 8) Iain Thomas ended Ian Fisher’s run 21-17 after the latter had held a slim lead right up to the 23rd end.

The 8 Quarter Finalists played out their games with Les outgunning Paul T 21-6 after taking an early lead in what became a decisive win; Mike taking out Lex 21-19 in what was a close tussle with Lex leading in all but 1 end right up to the last when the scores were tied at 19 all; Paul H overcoming Eddie 21-17 in another close result and notable in that Eddie held the lead at the 15th end by 1 shot until Paul pulled away to close the game out; and Graeme winning against Iain, also 21-17 after another marathon,and once again close encounter to end the day’s proceedings.

Congratulations to our 4 Semi Finalists, Les, Mike, Paul and Graeme who will play off for the title at a date yet to be confirmed, but tentatively set down for Sat 29 Feb, next Championship Reserve Day. It is fantastic that Junior player Graeme has reached this stage; he is in good company as the other 3 are past winners of the Singles.

The standard of play over the 2 days was excellent on great greens, although later in the event games were affected by more gusty conditions, it did not dampen the good spirit in which they were all played and the friendly banter that went with them. A huge thanks must also go to our Markers whose help made the event the success it has been to date.


What a busy weekend at the Club last weekend!  In warm and sunny conditions, and with the Men’s Open Singles using two of the grass greens, the first day of the Women’s Fours was played on A green, a green which they shared with Saturday Roll-Up in the afternoon.  It was great to see the number of Juniors (Shona Young, Christine Steel, Rosemary Ackerley, Helen Ongley, Shelley McCabe and especially Lana Dowdell – a first year player) spread across a range of teams taking part in this event.  Three rounds were played with four teams progressing to Post Section Play the next day.

In the first semi-final Cecilie’s team started very well to go out to a 6-1 lead. However Kay’s team reined this in to 6-4  before Cecilie’s team once again put the pressure on to take the match 21-9.  The other semi-final between Glennis’s team and Diane Harris’ team turned out to be a real nail biter. Diane’s team went out to a 6-2 lead after 5 ends but Glennis’s team closed the gap, the score being 9-9 after 13 of the 15 ends. Diane’s team won the 14th end by one shot, so the teams went into the final end of regular play with a score line of 10-9 to Diane.  With the pressure on, Glennis’s team won the 15th end, also by one shot, to once again tie the scores, and force an extra end.  This time Diane’s team clinched the shot and so a place in the final.

In the final, Cecilie’s team went out to a comfortable 12-3 lead after 9 ends and looked to be well-placed to take the title.  But then Diane’s team made a determined comeback, closing the gap down to 12-10 after 13 ends. Going into the final end with the score at 13-10 Diane’s team needed four shots to win or three shots to force an extra end.  Although  Diane’s team had two shot bowls on the head early on in the end, the third shot proved to be very elusive.

Congratulations to Cecilie McIntyre and her team of Junior players, Rosemary Ackerley, Lana Dowdell and Helen Ongley, and also to the Runners Up Diane Harris, Joy Baughan, Christine Steel and Joyce Joe.

Thanks also to Paul and his team of helpers for preparing the great greens on which we played. 


Great weather conditions once again prevailed for the Men’s Club Champ Pairs played over the weekend of 1st and 2nd February with a strong field of 22 entries, and including a number of Junior Players which was very encouraging to see.

The makeup of teams created very competitive matchups as the draw unfolded for the Qualifying rounds with some of the more fancied combinations not reaching Post Section. The final qualifying results saw 9 teams making the cut for the Day 2 knock out phase, namely; Warwick and Graeme (the latter a Junior), Ian C and Mike D (both Juniors), Tony M and Colin, Mike S and Les, Hans and Pax, Kevin B and Alan, Kevin H and Harry, Bryan and Gary and Bruce H and Wally.

Post Section required one game early on Sunday with 7 byes necessary to reduce the field to 8 quarter finalists for the knock out phase. This play off produced a tough encounter between Mike and Les, both Club Singles Champions in recent years, and last year’s Club Pairs winners Hans and Pax with the latter winning in a tight finish 16-15 after being down 7-14 with 11 ends played.

The results of the four quarter final games were relatively clear cut with Bryan and Gary comfortably outplaying Bruce and Wally 18-10 after taking a big early lead, Kevin H and Harry taking out namesake Kevin B and Alan 17-7 after the game was evenly poised after 12 ends played, Ian and Mike clear winners over Warwick and Graeme 17-7 never relinquishing their lead from the start of play, and Hans and Pax a convincing win against Tony and Colin 23-12 being 6 down after 3 ends but rallying to take the lead on the 12th and never looking back.

Despite some interesting matchups the Semis results proved one sided with Bryan and Gary having a decisive victory over Kevin and Harry 21-7, and similarly Hans and Pax clear cut winners over valiant Ian and Mike 24-6, two less experienced players with great futures in the game. Bryan and Gary, and Hans and Pax clearly outplayed their respective opposition over the course of the event and are undoubtedly well deserving finalists, displaying great consistency and a high level of skill in their play over both days, and in what will coincidently be a rematch of last year’s final.

The final will be played on Sunday 23 Feb at 11am.
Convenor: Bruce Hickman


A very competitive but disappointingly small field of 3 which included two Juniors, played in this event. Unfortunately a fourth player who was scheduled to play needed to withdraw just prior to the event. Due to the small number of players, the event format was changed to a Round Robin with each player playing the two others. As expected, all three games were strongly contested.

In the first game of the day, the two Juniors – Shona and Linda F – were matched. As the game developed and the lead seesawed, it was certainly difficult to predict the final outcome. After 6 overs, Shona had gone out to a 7-3 lead before Linda won the next two ends to edge ahead 8-7. Winning the next 4 ends Shona then regained the lead 14-8. Once again Linda caught up levelling the scores at 15-15. The score moved on to 18-18 before Linda closed out the match taking the next two ends for a 21-18 for the first round win – after 23 ends!

The second game between Shona and Cecilie was another excellent game. Scores were locked at 5-5 after 6 ends. From there on, although all ends were won by only 1 or 2 shots. Cecilie managed to slowly increase her lead to take the match 21-12, also after 23 ends!!

The last match of the day would determine the Champion, with Cecilie playing Linda. With the score at 6-5 to Linda after the first 4 ends, Linda won 6 out of the next 7 ends to stretch her lead to 16-8, and then maintained this margin to take the match 21-12.

Congratulations to Linda Fenton, the Open Women’s Singles Champion, and to Cecilie McIntyre the runner-up. Well done to all three players – excellent bowls were played and the ends were very closely fought.


Over a sunny and calm summer weekend on excellent greens, and in contrast to the very windy conditions that have persisted over the past few months, the Men’s Championship Triples were played out on 18 & 19 January. A relatively strong field of 12 teams entered this year’s event including a number of Junior bowlers, some first year, which was great to see and gave us an even number of entries thus avoiding byes over the initial 3 qualifying rounds on day one.

Not unexpectedly, competition to qualify for post section places was fierce with a number of very close fought matches and final results, and notable in that there were no 3 winners on the day, and 7 teams needing a win in their last game. Thus we had 8 teams with 2 wins that qualified for the knock out phase on day 2.

Teams that qualified for Post Section were 1) Kevin, Hans and Andrew, 2) Russell, Mike and Ian C, 3) Bryan, Gary and Les, 4) Iain, Ken and Richard G, 5) Richard L, Bruce F and John T, 6) Peter, Len and Tony W, 7) Paul, Ian F and Warwick, 8) Mark, Steve and Pax. Notable omissions were Bruce H, Tony M and Wally (who faltered in 2 games when an extra end was required to find a winner in each), and Danny, Roli and Lex (who have featured well in the past), demonstrating the competitiveness of many games.

The Post Section draw produced some great match ups and great bowls in the quarter final games, however eventual results were fairly clear cut with firstly Bryan’s team taking out Paul’s 16-7, Mark’s team overcoming Peter’s a comfortable 24-8, Hans’ boys even more convincing over Ian’s stalwarts 25-5, and lastly Russell’s team knocking out Richard’s 18-7.

The Semis provided 2 memorable games between some of our top competitors within the club with Bryan’s team coming out on top 19-12 against Mark’s in a closely fought tussle, and Hans going down to Russell’s men 15-18 in a very evenly contested match right to the end. In reaching the final Russell, Mike and Ian can be rightly proud of their achievement in reaching this late stage. It also worthy of note that a number of Juniors featured in the Quarter Final and Semi Final play offs and skips are to be congratulated for their willingness to include these players in their teams for Club Champ events and provide them the  opportunity to gain valuable experience as they develop their game.    

The final proved a runaway victory for Bryan Chapman,  Gary Cotton and Les Brown over a valiant challenge from Russell, Mike and Ian 22-2 after 15 ends. Bryan’s team are worthy winners of this year’s Triples Championship showing their impressive range of skills in both their draw and shot play throughout the tournament and in previous year’s events, and will represent the club well in the upcoming Champion of Champions competition.  

Overall the standard of play was excellent, and we were fortunate to be able to play on such great greens prepared by Paul for our enjoyment.

Convenor: Bruce Hickman


Alongside the Men’s Open Triples, the Women’s Open Pairs Championships were held on 18 and 19 January.  A field of 8 teams competed, and it was very pleasing to note that 7 of these 16 players were Junior Players.  

Day 1 was qualifying day.  After two rounds had been completed two teams had qualified for post section play, with all other teams still having the potential to do so.  Games in Round 3 were closely fought and resulted in 5 teams moving on to Post Section play.

Round 1 of Post Section play confirmed the semi finalists as Cecilie McIntyre and Irene Turley to play Lyn McKay and Shelley McCabe, and Noeline Sadgrove and Shona Young to play Sue Peters and Linda Fenton.  Well done indeed to Lyn, Shelley, Noeline and Shona who are all Juniors.  In the match between Cecilie and Irene, and Lyn and Shelley, Cecilie and Irene quickly went out to an 8-1 lead but by steadily picking up 1 and 2 shot ends Lyn and Shelley edged ahead 9-8 after 9 ends, and 12-10 ahead after 11 ends. However Cecilie and Irene once again put the pressure on to take the game 20-13. The match between Sue and Linda, and Noeline and Shona, started well for Noeline and Shelley winning three of the first four ends and going out to a good lead, but Sue and Linda then won the next 7 ends, going out to a 16-7 lead and then on to a 20-13 win.

A closely fought final was anticipated and it certainly was!  By the halfway mark Cecilie and Irene had gone out to a 13-3 lead.  Once again Sue and Linda began to consistently pick up 1, 2 or 3 shot ends and narrowed the score to 17-13 by the end of the 17th end.  They needed 4 to draw the score and force the extra end.  Holding 3 with one bowl to play, Sue brought the final bowl into the count for a 17-17 draw at the end of 18 ends.  An extra end was needed to determine the Championship winner!!!  Irene placed one of her lead bowls close to the Jack as shot bowl and tension built as to whether Sue and Linda could get closer to the Jack. This was not to be.  

Congratulations to Cecilie McIntyre and Irene Turley, the Open Pairs Champions, and to Sue Peters and Linda Fenton the very, very close Runners-Up.


A pleasing field of 10 teams, including players from Year 5 to players who had only been playing for a few months, competed in this event. On Day 1 each team was scheduled to play three rounds with those teams who had two or three wins qualifying for Post Section play. This resulted in 5 qualifying teams going into a blind draw. In the first round, Ian Chan and Allan Parker prevailed over Bill Child and Mike Dickie, to move to a semifinal against Pat Castles and Graeme Thomson. A win to Pat and Graeme determined the first pair in the final. The other semifinal was between Lex Calder and Bruce Fenton, against Peter Roylance and Bill Louden. This was a very tight match and, with the scores drawn at the end of the 18 ends, an extra end was required to determine the second finalist. By winning this extra end, Peter and Bob secured the other place in the final. With both of these teams playing many excellent bowls, the game eventually finished at 15-13 when the green became too flooded to continue.

Congratulations to Pat Castles and Graeme Thomson, both Year 2 players!!!


With several players unavailable due to pre-Christmas activities, three teams lined up to play in this event. Day 1 was a round robin with the top two teams going forward to compete in Sunday’s final. The first game of the day saw a team of new players (Robyn Shelwell, Colleen Wright and Lana Dowdell) competing against Carol Barr, Helen Ongley and Rosemary Ackerley. The team of new players played some excellent bowls with at least one bowl sitting close to the jack in most ends, holding Rosemary’s team to a 14-14 draw. A great start to competitive play for these newer players. In the second round Robyn’s team played the Noeline Sadgrove’s team that had Shelley McCabe as lead and Lyn McKay as second. Noeline’s team edged out to a comfortable margin and maintained this to win 21-4. In the last game of the day Noeline’s team moved out to be 17-11 ahead of Rosemary’s after 11 of the 15 ends, eventually taking the game 18-15.

With a lower points differential Rosemary’s team took the second final qualifying place, playing Noeline’s team. A good start saw Rosemary’s team move out to a 11-6 lead before they gave up this lead in one end to be 11-12 behind. With the score at 13-11 to Noeline, heavy rain and a very flooded green saw an early conclusion to the game.

Congratulations to Noeline Sadgrove, Lyn McKay and Shelley McCabe.

Women’s Veterans’ Singles

This Championship has been revived this season and played over the last two Tuesdays. The format of the competition was a round robin, with each game ending when the first player got to 18.  Cecilie McIntyre, with 3 wins, won the Championship while Kay Griffiths, Val Gaudin and Val Lott each had one win in their matches . The match between Cecilie and Kay, played on the second day, was close getting to 9-9 before Cecilie crept ahead to be on match point at 17-9. Kay then won a four shot end to take the score to 17-13.  On the 18th end, with Kay holding 4 shots, Cecilie played a perfect forehand to nudge the jack slightly and stay with it. This immediately cut Kay’s count to 1 but then Cecilie’s bowl fell in to take the shot. A great last bowl. What a difference this shot made – changing a possible 17-17 score into a match-ending 18-13! Well done, and congratulations Cecilie McIntyre.

John Hector-Taylor, Convenor


Men’s  Veterans’ Singles

The qualifying rounds have been played over the last 2 Tuesdays.  A pleasing field of 16 players have played two games on each day, with the first player to score 18 shots being the game winner.  The top eight (Warwick Alexander, Don Newitt, Paul Tindill, Jim Sutton, Wally Mearns, Lex Calder, Allan Parker and Tony Williams) will play again next Tuesday, 3 December, beginning with sudden death quarterfinals. 

Tuesday 3 December started with the quarterfinals. These were keenly contested knock-out games. The results were: Tony Williams beat Warwick Alexander 19-16, Paul Tindill beat Lex Calder 19-12, Don Newitt beat Allan Parker 18-10 and Wally Mearns beat Jim Sutton 19-15, leaving these four winners to contest the semifinals. In the first match, Paul had a win over Tony 18-12 while Wally had a very closely fought 18-17 win over Jim to set up a final Between Paul and Wally. However the rain arrived so any chance of playing the final that afternoon vanished. The new timing for the final will be advised when confirmed.
THE FINAL was played on Thursday 19th December on C Green. First to 18 shots as for earlier rounds which had taken 3 Tuesdays to get to this stage.
After 8 ends the score was 7-7. Paul won the next 3 ends to lead 13-7, then it was 16-14 to Paul. Paul’s last bowl on the 18th end trailed the jack for 1 when Wally was holding 3 . Then on the next end Paul ran the jack into the ditch when Wally was holding 2. Paul drew his last bowl to within a metre for 2. Wally’s last bowl was blocked, so Paul won 19-14 in an exciting finish.
Congratulations to both bowlers for a well-played Final with Paul Tindill the winner.

John Hector-Taylor, Convenor

Junior Men’s  Triples

With five entries in this event, the playing format of qualifying play was a round robin, with the top two teams competing in the final on the Sunday afternoon. At the end of the three rounds played on Day 1, the team of Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton and Peter Roylance having had three wins – 21-14, 16-13 and 15-10, were well set up to take one of the places in the final. Eddie Jones, playing with Andrew Guptill and Bill Child with two wins and a loss, also finished the day in a good position although both of these teams were yet to have a bye. Ian Chan, Tony Williams and Allan Parker completed their first day with a 25-16 win, and a narrow 8-10 loss, but having had their bye they still had two games to play.

In the first round of games on the Sunday, Lex’s team had a win confirming their place in the final. It was an interesting position going into the last round of qualifying. With Lex’s team having the bye, three other teams were in contention for the remaining place in the final. Roli’s team gained an advantage over Allan’s team and held this to the end. Eddie’s team trailled John’s team, a team with two first year bowlers who played very impressive bowls all weekend, for much of their match. However, down 8-11 going into the last end, Eddie’s team scored three points in the last end, gaining a draw and their place in the final.

In the final, after a fairly even start, Lex’s team edged ahead for a win. Congratulations to Lex Calder, Bruce Fenton and Peter Roylance.

Junior Women’s Pairs

A small field of 4 pairs entered this event. Unfortunately due to injury the field was reduced to three pairs prior to the start of play. The playing schedule for Day 1 was a round robin with the top two teams going forward to compete in Sunday’s final. The first game of the day saw Shelley McCabe and Noeline Sadgrove playing Christine Steel and Rosemary Ackerley. Noeline and Shelley quickly went out to a big lead and had a very comfortable 31-11 win. In the second game Noeline and Shelley played Beverley and Alison in what was a much closer encounter. After being equal on 8-8 after 9 ends, Shelley and Noeline slowly edged ahead to finish with another win, 20-13, and a place in the final. The final match of the day between Beverley and Alison, and Christine and Rosemary, would determine the other qualifying team for the final. This time it was Christine’s and Rosemary’s turn to build up a lead in the first half of the game, and they were able to build on this further to take the game 21-5 to secure the remaining place in Sunday’s final. The final on Sunday was played in an excellent spirit but in gusty conditions. Christine and Rosemary edged out to a 10-4 lead in the first 7 ends but saw this cut back to 10-10 after 10 rounds. Picking up 1 or 2 shots in most of the remaining ends lead to a 20-11 win to Christine Steel and Rosemary Ackerley.

Good luck to our Interclub teams!!

The Interclub season begins this Thursday, 31 October with Bowls3FiveYears 1-5 at Howick. Play starts at 6 pm with the Howick Lions (B Child, N Sadgrove, P Roylance) playing the Howick Bears (M Dickie, C Steel, R Cherry, G Thomson, B Smith). These teams play at Howick again on Thursday 28 November.

This Saturday, November 2, our Weekend Interclub teams begin their competitions.

Howick Platinum, the Women’s Division 1 team (P Murdoch, B Rush, P Yuill, J Baughan, C McIntyre, G Davey, B Schlumpf, S Peters, J Abbott and P Johnson) play at New Lynn, starting at 9 am. They will play at Howick on Saturday 16 November.

Howick Gold, the Men’s Premier Division team (G Cotton, B Chapman, L Brown, H Vermeulen, P Hickey, B Hickman, R Ludbrook and K Hurren) play at Pt Chevalier, starting at 9 am. They also play at Howick on Saturday 16 November.

Howick Silver, the Men’s Division 1 team (C Cockle, I Fisher, S Arms, G Finnemore, J Formston, H Williams, D Belsham and J Taylor) play at St Heliers, starting at 9 am. This team will be playing at Howick on Saturday 9 November.

Howick Bronze, the Men’s Division4 team (B Jago, P Blitvic, M Martin, E Jones, P Roylance, A Northcote, I Chan and T Nash) play at Papatoetoe Hunter’s Corner.

Howick Rubies ((N Sadgrove, B O’Brien, W Mearns, T Mitchinson, R McKay, C Steel and M Mildon) are playing at Howick this weekend, commencing at 12.30 pm.

Men’s Handicap Pairs

This season’s Men’s Handicap Pairs was played on 12 and 13 October on our artificial greens with a strong field of 15 teams entering the tournament, once again comprising a good mixture of Junior and Senior players.

With a number of well-regarded club members on low handicaps featuring, the 2 day event provided a great opportunity for the less experienced players to play as a pairs team on a single entry basis with them, and challenge their fellow club members in a competitive but friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

And so it proved with a number of games on Day one round robin play being very close with some tight finishes after the mandatory 18 ends. The top 8 qualifying teams for post section play in order were; 1) Mark Griffiths & Bob Louden, 2) Bruce Hickman & Graeme Thomson, 3) Russell McKay & Wally Mearns, 4) Tony Mitchinson & Ian Chan, 5) Danny Belsham & Tony Williams, 6) Hans Vermeulen & Mike Dickie, 7) Steve Arms & Andrew Guptill, 8) Lex Calder & Eddie Jones.  Of this group of 16 players, 7 are currently Juniors.

Post Section play commenced on Day 2 in bright sunny conditions, although as the day progressed the green speed changed considerably from around 17 seconds at the start to a very slow 13 seconds at the semi final stage which presented a number of challenges for the teams still alive in the championship. Quarter final results saw Mark and Bob lose out to Lex and Eddie 22-13, Tony M and Ian scraping in on the last end against Danny and Tony W 19-17, Russell and Wally dipping out to Hans and Mike 20-7, and Bruce and Graeme in a game of 2 halves coming back from 13-1 down after 9 ends to win out 19-15 against Steve and Andrew.

The semis were even more closely contested with Tony and Ian finally prevailing over Lex and Eddie 14-13 after an extra end had to be played as they were locked at 13 apiece after 18 ends, and being neck and neck from the get go. Similarly in the second semi, after a gripping struggle between 2 evenly matched teams, it was Hans and Mike that pipped the opposition Bruce and Graeme at the post 14-11.

The final, which promised to be another titanic battle proved the opposite with Tony Mitchinson and Ian Chan running out easy winners over Hans Vermeulen and Mike Dickie 29-15 to be worthy Handicap Pairs Champions for 2019. It was great to see both Ian and Mike reach the final as Juniors which again augers well for the club looking forward and serves as a reminder that in this game of ours anything is possible when playing in competitions regardless of status.

Well done to everyone that took part in this year’s event, with handicaps evenly matched amongst all the teams, the tournament was a success and very enjoyable to be part of.

Bruce Hickman, Wally Mearns, Tony Mitchinson.

Convenor Committee.       

Women’s Handicap Pairs

This event was re-introduced into the playing programme after having lapsed a few years ago: it was last played in the 2015/2016 season.  Eight entries were received, resulting in four playing pairs.  All of these players were Junior players and a big congratulations goes to these players, particularly the J1 and J2 players, for entering this event.  The experience they gained in playing in this tournament was invaluable.

Saturday was qualifying day with each pair scheduled to play each of the other playing Teams.  The newest players Robyn Stilwell and Rosalie Haydon both played some outstanding bowls and should be extremely proud of their efforts.  After Round 2 when each pair had played two hard fought games the teams of Noeline Sadgrove and Christine Steel, and Shelley McCabe and Rosemary Ackerley both had two wins and therefore both these teams qualified for Sunday’s final.  

Sunday’s final was played on a very pleasant spring day, sharing the green with the semifinals of the Men’s Handicap Pairs tournament.  Many excellent bowls were played by both teams.  However Shelley and Rosemary built up a strong lead in the first 8 ends, and managed to consolidate this in successive ends. The match concluded with a comfortable win to Shelley and Rosemary. 

Congratulations to Shelley McCabe and Rosemary Ackerley.

Open Split Pairs

This competition, new to our Calendar this season, was played on a lovely, warm and calm day.  Each team played 3 games against three different opponents, starting with three bowl Pairs.  This was followed by a game of 2-4-2, and a further games of three bowl pairs to finish off the afternoon.  However whoever skipped in the first game of Pairs played lead in the other Pairs match, and vice versus. With the incentive of prize money – $100 for first place competition and further prize money for the next three teams and also a consolation prize – competition was tight and only two of the 16 teams had three wins.

Congratulations to Richard Ludbrook and Bruce Fenton who placed first with 3 wins.  Ken and Cecilie, who also had three wins, placed second followed by third placegetters Tony Mitchinson and Colin Scard with two wins and a draw, and Iain and John with two wins.

Thanks to Bruce Hickman, Wally Mearns, Tony Mitchinson and Colin Scard for their excellent organisation. It was a very well run day enjoyed by all.

On Sunday 20th October there is another similar tournament, although this time it is a mixed pair event.  The entry list is up on the Club Noticeboard.

Our Auckland Representatives

Howick Bowling Club celebrates our Auckland Bowls Representatives

Congratulations to our players: Les Brown (Men’s Open), Lex Calder and Eddie Jones (Men’s Years 1-5 squad) and Linda Fenton (Women’s Years 1-5 squad) who have been selected in their Auckland Bowls representative squads. Congratulations also to Diane Harris for her role as a Head Selector of the Women’s Open squad.  Go to our Photo Gallery to see their photos.

The Club is very proud of you all!!!

Women’s Handicap Singles 

For the first time since the 2011-2012 season, this event was played on the weekend of 14 & 15 September and with the Men’s Handicap Singles being played on the same green, this was an excellent first event for the new season.  Although the women’s field was small, competition was keen and the excellent standard of play made for some well fought games.  Saturday was qualifying day with each player playing each other.  Linda Fenton, with two wins, and Irene Turley, with one win, qualified for the final on the Sunday.  Congratulations to Linda Fenton who got off to a good start and then maintained her lead to take the title.

 Men’s Handicap Singles

In springlike conditions and as a forerunner to whet the appetite for the upcoming  summer season, this year’s Men’s Handicap Singles event was played on our artificial greens on 14 and 15 September with a field of 16 entrants comprising a good mix of Junior and Senior club members.

Competition in the qualifying rounds on day one was fierce with the slightly revised format of 15 ends instead of first to 21 proving successful giving the lower handicappers more time to “catch up” while the higher handicappers still had a realistic chance to fend off the opposition.  Qualifiers for post section play were; Paul Blitvic, Bruce Hickman, Pax Vermuelen, Ian Chan, Bryan Chapman, Bruce Fenton, Peter Roylance, and Mark Griffiths. Significant at this stage is that of the 8 qualifiers, 4 are Junior players. Of the total number of entrants, 9 are Juniors.

Post Section play proved equally competitive with an excellent standard of bowls and close results. Paul ousted Bruce H 19-15, Ian edged Pax 17-14, Bryan lost to Bruce F 9-18 and Mark had a close win against Peter 18-16. The semi’s proved decisive for Bruce Fenton with a commanding win over Ian 14-7 after 14 ends played while Mark lost to Paul 13-18 in a close fought tussle.  Despite Paul taking the scalps of both Bruce H and Mark on his way to the final and playing extremely well in the process, he was overwhelmed by eventual winner Bruce 15-6 after 13 ends. Bruce Fenton showed some excellent touches and consistency in his draw game to secure a great win and has proven to be a worthy club Handicap Singles Champion for 2019.

You could say this was a result “made in Heaven” as Bruce’s wife Linda also won the Women’s Handicap Singles on the same green, on the same day, so a big congratulations to both for what must be a unique achievement in this great game we play.

The end result is also a very good one for the club as a whole to see 2 top Juniors reaching the final and deservedly so, and augers well for the future.  To all the participants, thanks for playing in the event – there was humour and good banter over both days that made the tournament relaxing and enjoyable for all.

Bruce Hickman, Convenor

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