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Normal Saturday Roll-Up Saturday 31 July.  Roll-up on Saturday the 7 August will be at Bucklands Beach.  Names in by 12.15pm for a 12.30pm start.  It is a $2 entry fee and afternoon tea is supplied.  There will be no Chocolate Tournament in August.


The Club was extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity of holding a Disney Disco at the Howick Bowling Club to help to raise funds for the forthcoming Howick Santa Parade. 19 Disney Characters, which the Howick Children’s Charitable Trust have purchased for the Howick Santa Parade, were a very popular attraction.  220 people (children and adults) attended and it was really awesome to see the children from 18 months to approximately 9 there, most of which were dressed as Disney Characters.  All had a great time, with the wonderful DJ from the Howick Club with the right type of music for both children and their parents. A big thank you to the Club for their wonderful support from their awesome volunteers.


The Club acknowledges and sincerely thanks the Dragon Community Trust for the Grant that has been received.  This Grant has been used to contribute towards the cost of buying a much needed new water heater.


After being semi finalists and finalists this year in a number of   Auckland Events, junior and senior and categories, we have now finally achieved the top honours. Well done!

This morning our Years 1 to 5 (junior ) triples team of David Weir (skip), Greg Dowdell and Jason Burton beat the experienced Blockhouse Bays team 19-14 in the Auckland Final at Remuera.

It was a most exciting game, starting with Blockhouse Bay taking an early lead, and then Howick slowly pegging them back to lead by 6 after 11 of the 18 ends.But Blockhouse Bay came steaming back and within two on the 16th end suddenly looked to have the momentum to win after winning three ends in a row.

Then on the 17th end Blockhouse Bay (being only two down) drew right on the jack and were suddenly two up and the game square with the skips two bowls to come!Jason’s and Greg’s bowls were close on a very long end but not close enough!

However David Weir in his normal never short skip attitude turned it around on his last bowl gaining us the shot by nudging up Greg’s bowl, and we then led by three going into the final end.

Surely it is all over? But then hold all your horses!Wow, what a time to have a bad end especially it being the last end, as suddenly Blockhouse Bay were four up on the last end with the skips needing to come in close to jack to finish the long end!

No one should have worried!  David Weir then went about drawing two shots within 6 inches of the jack from a full two metre to two metre end going around the opposition bowl which was only 10 inches from the jack! Simply amazing!

Howick wins, and our supporters’ heart rates dropped from 200 to 100 beats per minute!

Not since Danny Belsham and Tony Mitchinson’s teams won the junior fours in 2017 and 2018 have we enjoyed a junior finals game so much!

David, Greg and Jason wish to thank the 18 loyal supporters who cheered them on to victory, they said it made the difference.

Your club captain, Peter Roylance


Executive Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.


Please take books to read  and when returned please add the date and leave in the basket….do not put them back on the shelves.  We like to know whether books have been read as we need to cull those not used in our twice yearly sort out.

The jigsaws are now located in the back room behind the bar.

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