Club Championship Tournaments

Open, Veterans, Octagenarians, Junior and First-year are held during the summer season each year. Except for Octagenarians, men and women have their own competitions. According to event these include singles, pairs, triples and fours. Refer to Calendar for dates (note some may be played over two or more days).

Results 2019-2020

Men’s Handicap Singles – Winner: B Fenton, Runner-Up: P Blitvic

Men’s Handicap Pairs – Winners: T Mitchinson, I Chan, Runners-Up: H Vermeulen, M Dickie

Men’s Veteran Singles – Winner: P Tindill, Runner-Up: W Mearns

Men’s Veteran Pairs – Winners: W Alexander, J Formston Runners-Up: L Calder, T Williams

Men’s Championship Singles – Winner: G Thomson , Runner-Up: L Brown

Men’s Championship Pairs – Winners: B Chapman, G Cotton, Runners-Up: H Vermeulen, P Vermeulen

Men’s Championship Triples – Winners: B Chapman, G Cotton, L Brown , Runners-Up: R McKay, M Dickie, I Chan

Men’s Championship Fours – Winners: P Hickey, N Fisher, R Ludbrook, E Jones, Runners-Up: M Griffiths, H Vermeulen, P Vermeulen, H Williams

Men’s Junior Singles – Winner: E Jones, Runner-Up: B Fenton

Men’s Championship First Year Singles – Winner: G Dowdell, Runner-Up: R Shelwell

Men’s Junior Pairs – Winners: G Thomson, P Castles, Runners-Up: B Louden, P Roylance

Men’s Junior Triples – Winners: L Calder, B Fenton, P Roylance, Runners-Up: E Jones, A Guptill, B Child

Men’s Junior Fours – Winners: E Jones, I Chan, R Shelwell, S Waltham, Runners-Up: G Thomson, t Williams, G Dowdell, P Castles

Women’s Handicap Singles – Winner: L Fenton, Runner-Up: I Turley

Women’s Handicap Pairs – Winner: R Ackerley, S McCabe, Runners-Up: N Sadgrove, C Steel

Women’s Veteran Singles – Winner: C McIntyre

Women’s Veteran Pairs – Winners: J Abbott, J Joe

Women’s Championship Singles – Winner: L Fenton, Runner-Up: C McIntyre

Women’s Championship Pairs – Winners: C McIntyre, I Turley, Runners-Up: S Peters, L Fenton

Women’s Championship Triples – Winners: L Fenton, L McKay, S McCabe , Runners-Up: G Davey, P Johnson, S Young

Women’s Championship Fours – Winners: C McIntyre, R Ackerley, L Dowdell, H Ongley, Runners-Up: D Harris, J Baughan, C Steel, J Joe

Women’s Junior Championship Singles – Winner: S McCabe, Runner-Up: S Young

Women’s Championship First Year Singles – Winner: R Shelwell, Runner-Up: L Dowdell

Women’s Junior Pairs – Winners: R Ackerley, C Steel, Runners-Up: N Sadgrove, S McCabe

Women’s Junior Triples– Winners: N Sadgrove, L McKay, S McCabe, Runners-Up:
R Ackerley, H Ongley, C Barr

Women’s Junior Fours– Winners: L Fenton, L McKay, S McCabe, L Dowdell, Runners-Up: S Young, N Sadgrove, C Steele, B Gael


Centre Results