• Two games of normally 10 ends played on grass in summer and on all-weather greens in winter
  • Entry fee $5.00 per player paid on collecting scorecard
  • Prizes New World Howick vouchers
  • Enter on sheet at Clubhouse, or to either Bob Louden or Peter Roylance by noon Thursday, or by clicking on the link below by noon on Wednesday. If you haven’t a partner put in a single entry and we will do our best to find one for you.



  • Last minute cancellations are disruptive and can cause another team to miss out in order to have an even number of teams in the draw.
  • Any cancellation after the deadline (noon Thursdays) need to be made by direct phone conversation (not answer phone or email) by 6 pm Thursday to the Convenors who will take details and confirm either acceptance of the cancellation or decline this.the deadline for any emergency cancellation of any team booking for Friday 2-4-2 is 3 pm on Thursday. This will allow the Tournament Convenors time to replace your team should this be required. The Convenors can be contacted by ringing Bob (534 9939 or 027 500 4930) or Peter (537 4313 or 021 177 2406).
  • If only one member of your team can no longer play it is your responsibility to find a substitute and telephone the change to the Convenors before 6 pm Thursday.


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